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I just finished reading Malstrom's post on Zelda. We finally get to the heart of why modern Zelda games aren't as fun as the older ones. Earlier Zeldas were Action/RPGs but all the newer ones are Adventure Games.

Nintendo still thinks of them as RPGs but real RPGs allow you go around to creating your own story and have points systems and things of that nature. Monster Hunter for instance is like this. If Nintendo think Zelda is a RPG but it's clearly not then this could explain why it's creators sound clueless when trying to explain what it is.

As a result the latest Zeldas have a number of issues:

"-The emphasis on puzzles as the substance of the game…
-The joke called the combat system and how little combat is in Zelda…
-Too much dialogue…
-Bad storylines or narratives in general…"

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Nintendo knows very well that Zelda is not an RPG.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    • System: Wii
    • Release Date: Nov 19, 2006
    • No. of Players: 1 player
    • Category: Action, Adventure
    •  Publisher: Nintendo


Zelda: Spirit Tracks

  • Publisher: Nintendo
    Release Date: Dec 7, 2009
    Category: Action, Adventure
    No. of Players: 1 player
    ESRB: E 10 Plus

Also straight from Nintendo's website

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thats dumb they never thought Zelda is an RPG , they always wanted it to be a straightforward adventure game.

Wait there's problems with Zelda now?

Zelda has always been considered an "Action/Adventure" title, even back in the NES days.

Malstrom is a moron and has no fucking clue about video games. You people need to stop listening to what he says.

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I always thought Malstrom isn't nearly as smart as a few people think but this blog post proves he's even less smarter than I thought.

Quote: "What I am saying is that what you call Zelda today is nothing more than a modern day version of King’s Quest or Myst" 
=> This is the dumbest sentence in an overall remarkably dumb blog post. At the same time it manages to downplay The Legend of Zelda (one of my most favourite franchises and imo the best action-adventure franchise ever created) and the graphic/point&click adventure genre (one of my all-time most favourite genres). Even Myst - a game I hate -  doesn't deserve such a ridiculous comparison.

Malstrom's blog post reminds me of two other observations I have made over the past years:

- The whole gaming industry (developers, publishers, journalists) and the fans of this industry more and more have problems with the definining of genres, especially with the adventure genre as a whole (one of the oldest ones) which today is tacked on every game people want (look up e.g. Endless Ocean in the VGC database, or - yes - Zelda games), but at the same time the graphic/point & click adventure games belong to a [in NA media even despite the recent success of Telltale supposedly dead] adventure subgenre which seems to be only good anymore for the strangest comparisons. Modern Zeldas are like graphic adventure games...yes, of course, Mr. Malstrom.

- "Nintendo-only" fans (i.e. the fans that only seem to care about this one company and its fate) are the strangest fanbase. Not the most annoying one, but the strangest. No other fanbase seem to spend most of their time thinking about what Nintendo could have probably done wrong again, while at the same time they totally ignore that their most favourite company is already by far the most successful and influential one this industry ever had. I never understood what these die-hard Nintendo-only fans want with their complaints: Even more success, even more influence for Nintendo?

If I'm not mistaken the last three Zelda games sold around 15 million copies and got excellent (TP even outstanding) ratings.

Euphoria14 said:

Zelda has always been considered an "Action/Adventure" title, even back in the NES days.

Malstrom is a moron and has no fucking clue about video games. You people need to stop listening to what he says.

tell that to the million nintendo fanboys on this site who keep going back and forth about his stupid blog and argue all day about what he had for dinner last night.

I am a Nintendo Fanboy, and people that say Zelda is an RPG are Wrong.

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Not at all. All they really need is faster pacing and more intense combat (the two which would go hand-in-hand0

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

I was unaware Zelda has a problem, selling over 4 million copies for each of the last 3 titles.

Please, people need to stop making these '[Insert Game] is doomed threads.  And yes, this is the same idea.  I even agree Twilight Princess focused too much on forced puzzles and dialogue.  But I refuse to talk about it in this kind of thread.

Also, Zelda was originally classified as an Action/Adventure RPG.  And has been confirmed by Miyaoto multiple times over the years to be its official classification.  Plus, may I remind you of Zelda II; Adventure of Link.  In before massive thread meltdown.

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