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VGC needs some girls. Fucking sausage fest.

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I joined on 2008, but I only have >500 posts... Am I an old or new user?


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Wow. This thread is sad. Popularity contest on the internetz? Really?

The OP reminds me of a song....but what song....OH YEA! This one!

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hatmoza said:

VGC needs some girls. Fucking sausage fest.

^^^^^^^^^^^^  I do agree, but you could probably say that about any gaming site lol. 

hmm i joined in 2008 but never really  posted till the end of 2009 and then alot in 2010. LOL i read the threads alot though, you  2008 vets seem to be lying a bit or your gettin senile (lol talkin bout the good old days? what are you my grandpop).

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Xxain said:

Of course not... every year the new cast gets worse and worse and worse mainly due to the fatc that site is just bait for fanboys and due to the fact that cant remove there googles and debate with some level of intelligence( this does not apply to all fanboys) we just get more ppl added to the already bloated factions.


new users dont wear avatars for some its hard to to keep track of who is who

It's not who they are underneath, but what they *do* that defines them.

When did I come again?

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I like this guy: 

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snfr said:

To be honest, most 'older' users already thought that 2010 didn't have any notable newcomers.




OT: Really can't think of any. SheepLord I invited and he posted...20 times? At least every post was great though


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

dont tell me your going to make a 2011 users thread?

Being in 3rd place never felt so good