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libertinias said:

I'm founding the Discordian branch of the Playstation religion.  Since everyone is a Pope (with the power to excommunicate and name other Popes) in my eyes, I'm excommunicating Gilgamesh and declaring everyone to be a Pope.  You can excommunicate me, but I'll just unexcommunicate myself and issue an excommunication in turn.  All hail Discord, Lord of Playstation.

My credentials

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um according to this religion... unless Gilgamesh considers himself to be a pope I am assuming RIIIIDGEEEE RACCCEEERRR would be pope.


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AussieGecko said:
Xen said:

True PS fans are atheists!

errr huh?

We don't meddle in pesky religions or meek titles, we just PLAY :P

When does the crusade start?

Or end :P


You guys take that B_E_L_I_E_V_E_ stuff seriously, huh?  Well I own/owned Twoo PS1's, three PS2's, two PSP's, one PS3, and Spider-Man 3 on Blu Ray.  I probably owned 300 across all platfoorms.  I'll just observe from a distance, though.  Don't wanna get involved in any scandal.  Just let me know which day you guys are breaking out the bread and wine!

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So uhh .. what do you call Geohot ?

What if we have previously owned one of the consoles...but had to sell it, along with ~30 games in order to fund the purchase of a certain newer console?

Otherwise I go from being a Bishop to a stupid ass alter server.

Edit: So allow me to be a Bishop based on past ownership and dedication towards Sony, and I will join the religion :)

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.

880user088 said:

So uhh .. what do you call Geohot ?

If you have to ask...

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Cardinal here. But what happens now that i have over 300 games?

Ajescent said:
880user088 said:

So uhh .. what do you call Geohot ?

If you have to ask...

well he owns at least a ps3... do you know the other consoles?


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