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So do you guys pray to Sony through your Play Stations?



    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

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Attoyou said:

So whos God? Sony?

Im a Cardinal, Bitchz!

Obviously Kaz ;)

Oh yeah I demand transfer to section XIII so I can deal with the filthy Wii X360 herectics


Polytheism ftw.

i have 200 plus games on PS2, does that make me a God?

Roma said:

So do you guys pray to Sony through your Play Stations?




Pray Stay Shun

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i got two religions now! AWESOMEEEE

my family's gonna be soo pissed however =(

i'm a cardinal i guess xD

So are we gonna go on a crusade on M$ anytime soon, Your Holiness?

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Gilgamesh said:
Ajescent said:

assuming we're not saying 50 games per console...I'm a fucking Cardinal!

The proof is your game collection, I checked yours and you dont have fifty games...without it you cannot be a Cardinal.

I sure as hell am not gonna list every single game I have on here, that would take forever. I've been collecting games since the ps1 era, I still have a good portion of my ps1 games in my possession. I have a stack of ps2 games and psp games, less we forget ps3 games. Don't even bother mentioning psn games.

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i r d bishop!

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

Yay I'm a Cardinal!! The only thing missing from my ps collection is the pspgo, but I have 2 psps (so I guess this makes up for it).

Just keep the alterboys away from the Priests.


Good thing Im a Cardinal.