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Forums - Sony Discussion - Playstation...It's a religion

well i only get to be an alter boy since the ps3 is my only playstation product.   :/

i probably could have been a cardinal in the nintendo (nes, snes, n64, gc, wii, gb, ds) but i recently renounced that "religion" for playstation.  oh well, i guess you have to start at the bottom and work your way up.

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Dude...  Why?

True PS fans are atheists!

I'm a Bishop I think... PSOne, PS2, PS3 and way over 50 games (with PSN over 50 just in PS3).

I have every Playstation (2 PS1's [original and slim], 3 PS2's [two originals and a slim], 5 PS3's [60 {my first buy on launch}, 40, 80 and 2 Slims {160 and 250} and I own 2 PSP's [1000 and 2000].

My game library has reached over 400 games at one time, but now stands at a lean and mean 279. The problem is I buy and sell games at such large quantites recently (only keeping the good to excellent games and banishing the trash) that I haven't updated my VGChartz game collection in over a year and a half.

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Xenostar said:

I have

PS1, PSOne, PS2, PSP, PSP GO, PS3, PlayStation Poket,

Over 80 Games for PS1,

Over 60 Games for PS2

Over 50 Games for PS3

Over 30 games for PSP

2 Games for PlayStation Pocket


But i dont think i can be arsed to sit and enter them all into VGChartz, ill think about it.

That's how I feel.

Since this is videogames, the question of the bishop role is...

Who is the Bishop of Battle?

I'm easily Cardinal hahaha

I'm founding the Discordian branch of the Playstation religion.  Since everyone is a Pope (with the power to excommunicate and name other Popes) in my eyes, I'm excommunicating Gilgamesh and declaring everyone to be a Pope.  You can excommunicate me, but I'll just unexcommunicate myself and issue an excommunication in turn.  All hail Discord, Lord of Playstation.

My credentials:

Playstation - 11 games hard copy, 11 download

Playstation 2 - 34 games

Playstation 3 - 25 hard copy, 3 download

PSP - 3 hardcopy, 7 download

Xen said:

True PS fans are atheists!

errr huh?


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