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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS3 can still finish in first place.

PS3 can still finish in first place. The console wars are live and kicking. Wii peaked in 2008 with 25 million console sales. PS3 sales are rising and rising every year. PS3 will pass the 360 in 2011. PS3 moves to second place and starts chasing down the "invincible" sales leader. 

PS3 started slower but was at a much higher price than the Wii. Almost 4 years after the launches the Wii is on 75 million and the PS3 just over 40 million sales.

Wii sales started fast and well peaked in second year 2008 with 25 million sales. The sales of the Wii are expected to trend downwards over time. 2009 (20 million sales) was a 20% decline on 2008 sales. 2010 sales should be another 15% to 20% decline on 2009 sales: 16 to 17 million Wii console sales for 2010. 

PS3 may even claw back the  sales gap on the Wii as its big games and price cuts help  boost PS3 sales. PS3 in the next 5 or 6  years may well outsell the Wii by 30 to 40 million console units. Time will reveal all. 

PS3 can possibly make the biggest come back in console wars history. 2016 may well see the PS3 over take the Wii in total console sales. The chances are very slim but the PS3 has a chance of re-writing history. 

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360 can do that too!

Wii will have to go completely down the toilet and PS3 would need to get mass market appeal selling 20 million for the next 2 years.


Extremely unlikely

There's nothing wrong with hope.  Sometimes believing is all we have.

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fwap said:

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It's 2010 and people are still posting this nonsense. Jeez.

PS3 is selling 20% more than the 360 when you align the two consoles from their launches. PS3 over 200 weeks versus 360 over 200 weeks. PS3 has sold 20% more  than the 360 when you align the sales from their respected launches.

PS3 sales for the next 5 years should average around 15 to 16 million in each year: total of 75 to 80 million. Peak years will sell up to 20 million sales in 2011 and 2012 when the PS3 reaches: $249 and $199 price points. 

The Wii is selling for $199, it launched at $249: more than half the price of the PS3s launch price. Wiis price advantage and motion controller advantages have both been negated. PS3  lowered its price to $299 after three years on the market and it has recently introduced its own motion controller in PS Move.

PS3 should be able to pick up more casual and hard core gamer console owners. The PS3 will regain market share from the Wii and the 360.

PS3 market share will improve to be well over 30% and entrenched in second place. PS3 may well have a shot at first place at the conclusion of the current generation console wars within 6 to 7 years time. 

New consoles will launch in 2013 or 2014 and start console generation 8. Console generation 7 will continue. The PS2 is still live and kicking 10 years after it launched and PS2 is still selling console systems. PS1 lasted for 12 year as a 5th generation console. PS3 will last for 12 years as a viable console system- confirmed.

I do think it's going to do much better than people are anticipating by general marketing trends.  I remember in 2007 saying that PS3 would make 50 million was ludicrous.


You will be getting quite a mocking for this thread.

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You think the PS3 is posted that on my wall...

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