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Juma009 said:

I think Sony expected a bigger reaction with the "Move", it didn't stick tho.

Yeah, there really is no way around it. Move has been a disappointment sales wise for Sony. Furhter, it has the potential to be an outright dud a half year from now. Sales certainly aren't keeping strong, that is for sure, and I think any public mindshare Move has is quickly evaporating in the wake of the Kinect Tsunami.

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Eddie_Raja said:

I think this is "possible" but unlikely (like a 10% chance at best).  Second place is guaranteed for PS3, but first?  Idk.

Please let us know how PS3 is guaranteed 2nd place? 360 looks like it has a very good chance to remain in 2nd through the end of this generation's lifecycle.

Beuli2 said:
PS3beats360 said:

PS3 will join the PS2 and PS1 and become the third Play Station console system that will go on and sell 100 million console systems ltd. PS3 keeps on selling and selling.

PS3 after 4 years  on the market had sold 40 million console systems. Averaging 10 million per year. PS1 after its first 4 years on the market had sold around 40 million console systems. PS3 is selling on pace with the PS1. 

The console market has grown. competition is now stronger. The 7th console generation could see Wii and PS3 both sell over 100 million console systems in the same console generation a world first. 

PS3 is guaranteed to sell 100 million console systems this generation. PS3 is a Play Station console system  and that guarantees success. 

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I do think that 2011, will be the year the PS3 peaks and then there will be a sharp drop after that because I expect 2011 to be the year where all 3 companies release info on their next systems, be it E3 or TGS it's gotta happen (and I could be wrong). So I think the PS3 will not reach 100 million, because unlike the PS1 it's not the best selling system and it costs more (even with inflation) than it did in its cycle.

If it was in first place for a long period of time (like the 360) this year I'd consider it...

It's at its peak now. It's not bad, it just isn't high enough

LT will end at around what the Wii is at now. No higher


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With the numbers the Wii is having this Holiday and with Zelda's 25 year anniversary in 2011 I highly doubt Sony or Microsoft can catch up or even como close to it.

Not a chance in hell. However the overall sales are still good and I am sure that Sony is satisfied with the results even if they are in 3rd. Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo have all done well this generation but who is in what place in overall sales will not change ever again in while this generation is relevant.

 How our favorite systems are just like humans and sometimes have issues finding their special someone...

Xbox 360 wants to KinectPS3 wants to Move!  Why are both systems having such relationship problems?  The reason is they both become so infactuated with desire while watching the Wii as it waggles on by. They simply want what they can't have.

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