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Forums - Sony Discussion - Unbelievable Best Buy Sells Free PS3 Upgrades

That's the world. Uneducated have to pay for their lack of knowledge.


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d21lewis said:

You know, when I read the title I thought Best Buy was selling PS3 Slims in exchange for PS3 Phats.

Same here, except I thought they were helping PS3 owners upgrade to a 360.

huaxiong90 said:
NiKKoM said:

Maybe some people don't have internetz?

Even then, I think games have firmware updates that are required to run them.

Those game come with the firmware on disc. Like PSP games, but it doesn't show and you won't know until you try to run the game and you get a prompt. SONY's been doing this since 2005.

Sony should do something about this

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It's a really smart business move, but I disapprove of any business move that intentionally takes advantage of the consumer.

didn't they also have a service where they "installed" your PS3 at home, plugging it in hooking it up to the Internet and setting up an account for only $99 or something

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I see what they did there...

Above: still the best game of the year.

Go and rip the sign down, disgraceful.


At first I thought they were charging 330 just to upgdare the firmaware.  Its only 30 so I'm less angry, but still.

You don't even need to have your ps3 hooked up online to get the firmware to play the games.  Like someone up there said, if a game needs a certain firmware it will come on the disk and install when you try to play it.


With all that being said, I can totally see my dad paying for this.  He is technologically illiterate.

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