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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Comic: It's Your Funeral Nintendo...AGAIN!

That was pretty awesome Dixie. =) How long did the comic take you to draw?

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LOL, nice job DixieKong.


DixieKong said:
Cheebee said:
TWRoO said:
You should do a prequel with Pachter dismissing the DS.

I second that.  Also, maybe one about the gaming press' reactions when the Wii Remote was first unveiled. That was hilarious.

Those are some pretty good ideas, I might use them in the future. However, the next comic I plan to do will be about 3rd party developers.

Great job sir! That was hilarious...and it also tells truth!

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Lol xD Nice cartoon, you`ve got skill. But the truth is that the WII won`t die anytime soon and even when it does it will still be number 1 in sales this gen.

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ROTFL! Nice job!

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Hah, Awesome.

I'd really want to see Pachters reaction to that. :p

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Raze said:
That was pretty awesome Dixie. =) How long did the comic take you to draw?

Between the planning, the rough sketches and the good copy sketches as well as the computer work, this comic took me a few weeks to make. I think the colouring and shading took the most time.

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