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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Comic: It's Your Funeral Nintendo...AGAIN!

miz1q2w3e said:
Snesboy said:
miz1q2w3e said:
Snesboy said:
This has been linked to over at GoNintendo.

omg, that's so great! way to go DixieKong!!! congrats!

I prefer that one.

i can't stand that one >_< you see this really annoying member always used to use it. that reminds me, haven't seen him in a while :D

and besides, mine is a nice big grin (which is what i was going for), yours is some kind of weird moving teeth laugh

I wonder who that might be actually. I know I used it quite a lot... so if you're talking about me, how am I annoying? Haha!

I'm seriously trying to cut back on smiley usage though.

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I think this new mario and the new color is gonna bring the wii up a lot for the next few months! SO I guess Nintendo will at least survive until 2011. Hardcore gamers will have to try it just to see if those secret levels are actually difficult (remember super mario world star levels?) And the casuals will be out in force for this as well.

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Hilarious comic. Great art too. If Nintendo did make the Wii HD, then they would be doomed because no one would buy it.

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This is about funny as


360 is doomed because they dont come with standard HDDs.

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Wii HD on the way.

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Dang it! How many funerals have there been for Nintendo cause I've missed all of them? Why doesn't anyone tell me these things :'(.

I am seriously considering making that picture of Iwata laughing as my profile pic
Nice work lol

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and quoting Mike intellivison

"Classic. Pure classic.

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Pure classic , guys we must make sure that Patcher read this ..really


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Nintendo could u please just take my money and give me back my 3DS?!

I love it!

Refreshing indeed...

Keep it up and nurture that talent.

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