Forums - Gaming Discussion - Pachter: "I was right, Wii HD is coming this year after all!"

A Sony console with a controller ripped off from the Wii, doesn't make it a Wii HD Michael Failure Pachter.

Simply makes it what it is: A Sony console with a ripped off controller.


Edit: Oh, and Nintendo isn't even close of losing its dominance, but if I were this dude's boss, he could be close of being fired.


This man only talks shit for god sake.

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he won the bet... WTF

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Last time I checked Sony does not have Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, Starfox etc,etc. Pachter must be smoking some good shit and I would really like to know what it is. Nintendo wins because of  its strong first party games and worldwide appeal of those gaming icons. With the Wii still selling boatloads of systems it seems that everybody wants them to fail. Its been over three years and this crap is still going on. When they do come out with their next system people will still find a way to bitch and Nintendo is ruining gaming. It will never end.

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Must be nice to live in whatever world Pachter does, where no matter how often or how wrong you are, you're still the man with all the answers.


Meh To bad the PS3 version of Wii HD will be missing a few things. One is Nintendo made games. You know, the ones that have actually sold millions and are based of off using the motion controls. Two I do not really think after launch Sony is going to be pushing it anywhere near the amount that Nintendo has. Three Cost say what you want but it is part of making the decision. I just do not see Natal or move being really successful. I could be wrong though.

Ah, for God sake Nintendo, release that damn HD Wii and end the man's misery! He's going nuts! I almost feel bad for him!

GianCarmen said:
Last time I checked Sony does not have lots of things that Sony does not have.

I think, if we're all honest with ourselves, we know what this is all about;