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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS3 owners: are you tempted by Natal?


PS3 owners: are you tempted by Natal?

YES! It has convinced me to buy a 360. 45 6.24%
Somewhat... I want to see... 61 8.46%
Meh. It's unlikely to ma... 101 14.01%
Not really, I'm more int... 202 28.02%
No way, it's just another crappy gimmick. 312 43.27%

it's by no means a crappy gimmick but if there's anything that'll make me buy the console, its fable, ME, alan wake (hopefully its everything and more than the hype is making it out to be) or gears of war.

The "way" games are played (motion controls, natal, wtv it is) will never sway me to invest in a console. Except virtual reality of course... but even then, the games have to be a must-have and the way they're played (natal) needs to be THE way that the game needs to be experienced to be fully enjoyed. It needs to be something out of this world for me to own a second console and natal is not.

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It looks interesting but it won't make me want to buy a 360.
Well nothing will...ever.
Besides I like what we people call, buttons. Very Very useful components
of a game.

It will need to have a killer app for it. Much the same way I feel about the PS move. Unless there is compelling software there, no purchase.


None of the above. I am tempted by Natal, but not enough to justify buying a 360 for it. I'll "make do" with Move for gaming uses.

Most likely (given it's coming on PC) if/when I upgrade to a new PC I'll look at Natal for the PC depending on what applications are available on that platform.

If I can talk to my PC (like with Milo) and tell it to do certain things then that would be pretty useful (and cool). Even better if I can get my PC to read out my e-mails and other such things (read me an e-book) that would save a lot of screen time and eye strain.

I'm certain Natal will make it to my house eventually.

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Near the point where I couldn't care less.

4 ≈ One

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ph4nt said:
I'm tempted to laugh.


Three 360's have made their way into my house since launch. 2 of them died. One is brand new, my nephews grandmother bought it for him recently. I have no faith in the xbox brand, the quality is unacceptably poor and I will not spend a cent on xbox branded items this generation. You cannot reward microsoft for this failure. I love windows, its a solid secure product, but Xbox is broken as always has been in one way or another. Natal is move without the controller, move can easily be programmed to give natal-like abilities, but natal can't be retro fitted, youll need to buy a controller when they inevitably make one

i own both ps3 and xbox and i have no intrest in natal

i don't really like motion controlled games so i don't think i am interested in both, but i gotta admit Ape Escape is pretty much a ....controller seller? xD

am also interested on what developers will do with natal being a no controller thing i wanna know how certain types of games will be played.

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If I didn't like the Wii for motion control why would I like Natal?