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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS3 owners: are you tempted by Natal?


PS3 owners: are you tempted by Natal?

YES! It has convinced me to buy a 360. 45 6.24%
Somewhat... I want to see... 61 8.46%
Meh. It's unlikely to ma... 101 14.01%
Not really, I'm more int... 202 28.02%
No way, it's just another crappy gimmick. 312 43.27%

I just don't get it. Why is everybody so hyped about it ?! What is so special about Natal that would convince me to buy a 360 ? Where's all the hype about anyway ?!
Like the Minority Report shit. Who the fuck wants that ? Maybey fun for 5 minutes , but it will suck when you just wan't to watch a freaking movie. When I wan't to watch a movie , I put my TV on to watch a movie , not to jump around to room to scroll through the menu because that is 'fun'.
I also don't see it in games. Hiding behind the couch pretending you have a gun in your hands.
Don't see it for golf or other sports. Why would you pretend you have a bat in your hand ?
It's more 'realistic' to have some sort of bat , and it looks stupid to waving around your room.
I also don't see anything in controlling a game without an controller. WTF ?!
Or a race game , steering without a steeringwheel. VERY realistic.
And try to hold your arms up streched for a full race (5-7 minutes).
Same for the Move.
Useless , unpracticle , nothing new , doesn't add anything goods to the experience.

MS can better concentrate on exclusive's. Stuff like Alan Wake attracts people to buy their console , and they're doing good with a nice line-up of games this year. Sony whas stupid and shot most of their ammo this month. They better come up with some good stuff.

Anyway , I'm in no way tempted by Natal neither Move and I don't see any reason why I would be.
But if I had to pick out one of the two , I would go for Move. The only reason is why I choose Move is because there are buttons on it.

Controller/mouse/keyboard for life !

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Well, they are releasing it for PC also so I'll be getting it for that. No point in getting a 360 still.

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IDK why they're trying to force a new control scheme on people with this natal nonsense. traditional controllers are still the best. and motion controls (wii and move) are decent for some games. you really think you can play games like marvel vs capcom 3 with natal? how about the new halo games? It will ruin hardcore games if they try to use it. and that leaves stupid minigames that while fun are only fun for like 20 minutes or the boring milo presentation that they showed. seriously I would rather not waste my time talking to and interacting with a fictional character, ill go out and chill with real people because its more fun and less boring.

but lets wait and see because maybe they're waiting to introduce some key element that will lead me to believe that this thing will actually work and be better than other control schemes.

I'm tempted to laugh.

The only interest i have in it is to see just how badly it flops.

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Haven't seen anything to tempt me yet, and I do own a 360 I'm not one to buy into MS hype. They have yet to show off what they got in action. I'm on the fence I'll probably have a firm decision after E3. Move is as good as bought for me, since I play a lot of golf in real life and TW11 supports it.


I won't get natal or move. Not for me.

NicholasCage said:
Well, they are releasing it for PC also so I'll be getting it for that. No point in getting a 360 still.

see. this helps me. PC for all 360 games vote now. GEARS 3 for my PC?

I own a 360 but from the demo's i've seen it doesnt look that tempting to me. I think the price point they offer it at will be the biggest factor in my decision because if it's $199 then there's no way Im picking it up. Now if they have some crazy shit to show at E3, that could also change my mind.

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Move, Natal aren't things made for me, there are for a different market. So far, I know of one game that I see over and over again. I think we need to see a little more. Anyone who is going to buy Natal right now based on what we've is just buying the hype.
What I have seen is things like Milo which turned out to be fake and ways of controlling the user interface, those things means nothing to me.

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