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PS3 owners: are you tempted by Natal?

YES! It has convinced me to buy a 360. 45 6.24%
Somewhat... I want to see... 61 8.46%
Meh. It's unlikely to ma... 101 14.01%
Not really, I'm more int... 202 28.02%
No way, it's just another crappy gimmick. 312 43.27%
CGI-Quality said:
XxXProphecyXxX said:



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Figured you'd prefer it in motion

Now, what's so funny?! O_o

LOL thx, I've been looking for that...

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naruball said:
Although I don't like microsoft and hate the idea of owning a console I constantly have to to worry about getting the RROD, I have to admit that NATAL could be amazing. If it turns out to be anything like what they show in presentations and videos, I'll have to buy it.

I own a 360 and I'm not worried about it getting the RROD. It goes both ways. What about the YLOD.

Tbone said:
oldschoolfool said:
the people that aren't interested will be shocked and eat there words,mark my words. lol

Why is that?

It's the future of gaming fool. It's one step toward virtual reality baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tbone said:
oldschoolfool said:
the people that aren't interested will be shocked and eat there words,mark my words. lol

Why is that?

yea. don't see it happenning. but on another note the only thing that will get me to aused xbox 360 is a new killinstinct game. and on another note i don't think move or natal will succeed? and if i want natal i'll get a eye toy. and i don't won't that either.

P.S. because of these threads im getting faster a typing. didn't say my typing grammer was improving.

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don't ask why they are so close in sells

not really. to be honest i think the majority hardcore gamers like to use a controller. natal seems geared towards the casual crowd and I don't think there will be many complex games for it.

I see natal as an interface more than I see it as a device for games. It will have gimmicky games that the average person will lose interest in fast much like how people complain about the wii.

I think microsoft is too late (sony too) in getting into the motion control business and I feel like anyone who wants a motion experience will buy or already owns a wii.

I haven't really seen enough from natal yet that makes me want to buy it, and I haven't seen it prove otherwise that it is more an eyetoy ripoff.

I do not believe that it will revolutionize gaming at all but simply offer an alternative method that the general public does not bother with.


***but kudos to microsoft for trying to innovate in the gaming industry for the first time! if it helps the industry then awesome! if it fails then hopefully microsoft just stops making consoles because the ps3 and 360 are wayyyy too similar to each other

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Lol I laughed when I seen this thread. Does Natal tempt me? Hell no. Dualshock controller 4 life. All those motion control devices are crap to me. The Wii was fun to me for 5 minutes before it got old so I gave it to my little sister. Natal makes you look like a fool and PS move only has one thing that interests me and thats the fighting game. But if the fighting game doesn't have online 1v1 fights and its not percise as it looks then to hell with that too.

May I ask what exactly has you hyped for Natal. Nothing I've seen so far has had me impressed

Not really know. But I'm not excited about Move either.

Maybe after E3 though as we'll have seen more games.

I own a 360 but will not buy Natal, I will buy the PS move though, My opinion is Kevin Butler put it the best I'm not in grade K playing guns with my hands, So I will be playing with the PS move, Its the PS3, with a Better Wii like controller, Its the best of both Worlds, can't wait.

i think anythink natal can do the eyetoy can do. come on natal! tempt me. lets see wht you got?

Natal lacks controllers. There's no way you can play a relatively complex game with only your hands. So, not interesting imo. :/