not really. to be honest i think the majority hardcore gamers like to use a controller. natal seems geared towards the casual crowd and I don't think there will be many complex games for it.

I see natal as an interface more than I see it as a device for games. It will have gimmicky games that the average person will lose interest in fast much like how people complain about the wii.

I think microsoft is too late (sony too) in getting into the motion control business and I feel like anyone who wants a motion experience will buy or already owns a wii.

I haven't really seen enough from natal yet that makes me want to buy it, and I haven't seen it prove otherwise that it is more an eyetoy ripoff.

I do not believe that it will revolutionize gaming at all but simply offer an alternative method that the general public does not bother with.


***but kudos to microsoft for trying to innovate in the gaming industry for the first time! if it helps the industry then awesome! if it fails then hopefully microsoft just stops making consoles because the ps3 and 360 are wayyyy too similar to each other