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PS3 owners: are you tempted by Natal?

YES! It has convinced me to buy a 360. 45 6.24%
Somewhat... I want to see... 61 8.46%
Meh. It's unlikely to ma... 101 14.01%
Not really, I'm more int... 202 28.02%
No way, it's just another crappy gimmick. 312 43.27%

I like the technology but not sure about it from a gaming perspective yet. I'm not a fan of motion control but I'll definately watch their presentations at E3 to see what they've come up with for it. What I'm a bit more concerned about from a personal buying point of view, is the likelihood that it may come bundled with the 360 therefore keeping its price at current levels. I'd rather the option to buy a cheaper stand alone 360 unit sometime this year (I really want to play Alan Wake).

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I loved the idea of the ps eye and that it was designed to do what natal does. I was annoyed when they had to use a controller to the result but it makes sense. not only do you get nearly everything natal can do when you add the controller, but you also get everything the wii can do.

natal did catch my eye though it's what I wanted in the first place. considering move can do nearly everything that natal can do, I don't think natal on it's own is enough to pull me over. lets see the games, not just natal games though, there is xbox games like Alan wake among others that are coming out that I am very interested in.

correct me if I am wrong
stop me if I am bias
I love a good civilised debate (but only if we can learn something).


Although I don't like microsoft and hate the idea of owning a console I constantly have to to worry about getting the RROD, I have to admit that NATAL could be amazing. If it turns out to be anything like what they show in presentations and videos, I'll have to buy it.

Cannot decide until I see content.

Tech specs mean nothing till they are applied in the real world (or in the gaming world...or whatever)



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oldschoolfool said:
the people that aren't interested will be shocked and eat there words,mark my words. lol

Why is that?


So far  I have not been impressed, rather the opposite. It has not been a single good game. What I have seen is very deliberate and unfortunately quite boring

XxXProphecyXxX said:



Figured you'd prefer it in motion

Now, what's so funny?! O_o


Well, without games - and games that actually work - it's hard for anyone to be excited about this thing.

But seriously, if "Punch the red balls" becomes the flagship title of natal... I'll boycott Microsoft forever. Never have I hated a game so much in my life lol!

i'm a tech whore so i'll probably buy natal as long as it doesn't cost too much but at the moment i'm not all that interested. MS has got to show something other than that damn breakout game, that game looks lame as hell.

I will for sure by move, LBP support alone is worth it imo. i think the table tennis and street fighting game look pretty good too. and again, refer to the first sentence of this post.