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EnosStory said:
So not only are the Nintendo nation 3d haters now backing it they are claiming it as their own.

ROFL, the hypocrisy is unbelievable. They are copying Sony and you know it, no matter what delusional rebuttal you write Sony has been pushing 3d for a long time, and now like good boys and girls follow the leader.

As far as 3ds I'm quite interested as long as they don't gimp the hardware like they did with the wii. This little thing could really be something special.

the only people I've seen don't care for 3D gaming are the people that don't want to fork out $2k for a new TV. I just bought a TV, I will not be buying another TV for 3D. I'd love to see it, but honestly I won't be paying for it for another 10 years. Portable gaming 3D has a huge benefit in that I can buy the screen and gaming device for probably less than $200, so no need for a huge investment just to get into it.

As for "gimping" the Wii, I would hardly call it gimped. Your version of gimped is compared to some arbitrary baseline. The Wii was over twice as powerful as a Game Cube, and came with a revolutionary controller. If you want to talk about a gimped system let's look at the PS3. The original PS3 took out rumble as a standard feature, and had backwards compatibility, and alternate OS support. New PS3's finally cought up with 10 year old rumble tech (that was pretty much standard) and lost backwards compatibility and alternate OS support. Add on to that, they decided that they needed motion controls very similar to the Wii just to keep up with it in sales.


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ph4nt said:


Initial reactions to the 3ds "OMG it's just a gimmick, 3D is meaningless"

*sony releases 3d psp


The same happened with motion controllers , and now i must say i think PSP 2 will have 2 screens ...dhasudhaushd


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Nintendo could u please just take my money and give me back my 3DS?!

first day!

3DS!!, yes please I will buy you at launch and pet you and squeze you and name you George.  


So freeking awesome.

Wow the crow eating on this one is going to be huge.

Congrats to the people who guessed DS2.


edit: More crow!

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ameratsu said:
Wow the crow eating on this one is going to be huge.

Congrats to the people who guessed DS2.

Third tier.

I just realized that, they can put 3D movies on this thing lol, Avatar on 3DS!

Damn... what a day to stop visiting VG :(

3D screens developed for handheld devices - 4 years ago:

I figure this is the real deal.

And I had it half right... was debating whether "3D" was the next 'gameplay' jump for Nintendo - but was thinking Wii. DS makes much more sense.

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dahuman said:
I just realized that, they can put 3D movies on this thing lol, Avatar on 3DS!

And now the Netflix rumors come full circle...

Some interesting info here:

From televisions to digital cameras, electronics companies are targeting 3-D technology as a way to revamp existing products. Sony Corp. plans to upgrade its PlayStation 3 console to play 3-D games with a free software upgrade, but consumers will have to buy a new television and glasses to play 3-D games at home.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told analysts in January that 3-D is "suitable" for gaming and that the company had interest in it, but expressed some doubts about whether everyone would want to wear glasses to play games in 3-D. The requirement of glasses to view 3-D images is often cited as a hurdle to the technology's widespread adoption.

"Nintendo has a track record of incorporating new technologies to make its products pretty interesting," said Jay Defibaugh, director of equity research at broker MF Global FXA Securities.

At the same analyst meeting, Mr. Iwata said Nintendo has been working on 3-D technology for years, secretly adding a feature into the GameCube, the predecessor to the Nintendo Wii, to display graphics separately for the right and left eye for the possibility of 3-D gaming. It was never introduced as a feature in the GameCube

Among all the potential applications of 3-D technology, videogames are placed at the top of the list because the graphics are already created in 3-D. What's more, videogame fans are considered more likely to spend for a new technology like 3-D.

Almost all 3-D technology available now requires either battery-operated or color-filtered glasses. Most glasses-free 3-D technology are prototypes that require the viewer to stand in one location and keep their head perfectly still.

While Nintendo's past track record with home game machines has been hit-or-miss, the company has always maintained a dominant position in hand-held gaming. Ever since it broke into the category with its original Game Boy portable game system in 1989, Nintendo has remained on top by appealing to its youth audience with game franchises such as Pokemon.

When the DS was released, it was considered a step forward for portable gaming because it came with two liquid-crystal-display screens, one of which was touch-sensitive. It hit the market at the same time as Sony's PlayStation Portable, a rival hand-held game machine, but Nintendo has sold twice as many DS units as Sony has sold PSP hand-helds. The PSP has sold about 60 million units.

The new 3DS comes at a time when existing DS sales are starting to slow.

Nintendo DS sales are expected to decline slightly this fiscal year from peak demand in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2009. The company is forecasting sales of 30 million units in the fiscal year ending March 31, down from last year's 31.2 million units.

Even though more consumers are turning to the iPhone for casual games, Mr. Iwata has asserted that the iPhone isn't a direct competitor to the DS, because they appeal to different customers. However, Apple has openly targeted the DS and PSP by saying those portable game devices don't stack up to the iPod Touch or iPhone.

While Nintendo has maintained the same basic features of the DS, it has tried to refresh the DS line-up with new models. It launched the Nintendo DSi, which comes with a built-in camera, in November 2008. A year later, it added the Nintendo DSi XL, a larger-sized model that is targeted at older users.

Software sales for the DS are forecast to fall more dramatically, with an estimated 24% decline in the year ending March 31. Nintendo has suffered as piracy of DS games continues to eat into demand. Over the lifetime of the DS, the company has still managed to sell a staggering 688.3 million units of software.

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