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Ok this is officially the hardest vote I've had to make...until I guess next round lol.

I really like both these guys they are some of the best posters on this forum. Amps funny, Rols funny. Rol friended me, Amp thanked me for voting for him last time. I can just pull the age card and say Amp wins only because he's been a Nintendo fan longer.

Wait, I know! Rol dissed Mario RPG on my wall! I ain't forget that you sarcarstic Australian! How can a Nintendo fan call Mario RPG a lame game? Ok it was a lame game, but still...Ok to hell with it, Rol's a Shia lebuff fan..yeah Vote for Amp!

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My vote goes for Rol, you just can't love Nintendo more than an Australian.

I'm voting for Amp316

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I am going for the Australian, Rol.

Amp just destroyed his credibility with brown nosing to Sony.

Also, the final needs to be R vs. R - the RuBang vs. the Rol.

No other final accepted due to credibility issues otherwise.

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Rol because he just is the biggest nintendo fan

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Amp is leading..... for now.....

The final does need to be R vs R....

Roll then

(sorry gramps, you deserve at least 3rd place to these 2)

(and like that it's a tie again)



i vote for amp

Rolstoppable. Amp is too reasonable with the other fanboys.

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