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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - MrBubbles Reviews Microsoft at E3.

Overall: was ok

New Dashboard:  ...  *raises eyebrow*  ...  looks...special.  

I dont really see why it was necessary for the change.  I like the current one.  Appears to still be functional and easy to use though. 

Avatars:    i thought they were joking...

Seriously...i just kept wondering when they were gonna go "ha ha, gotcha".  Although they seem to have set up a number of things for it and integrated it well.

RE5:  ummm...Fail

Since when did africa get a population of 99% white people?  I could understand adding a few to shut the racist whiners up but this is crap.  i think there was 2 black people in the vid, one of which was your partner.  

Banjo:  SCORE

Still a bit upset it isnt the traditional platformer i was hoping for, but it looks good.  Was really happy when they said they were releasing the original on xbla

Fallout:    *eyes bethesda warily*

wasnt impressed visually....just saying there will be lots of exclusive content doesnt mean it will be good

Final Fantasy:  and opinion hasnt changed.

will be greatly overrated and sell well.

Fable:  looks great...

i hope it meets the expectations... even if it doesnt it should still be good though.

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no number rating?

RE5 looks awesome.
Fallout looks awesome.
Dashboard looks awesome.

So your complaint about RE5 is that you don't get to shoot enough black people?


lol, you didn't rate GoW2

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Runing games off a hard drive is amazing.
Netflix rentals is amazing.
Rockband 2 song lineup and timed exclusivity is amazing.

Agreed. If you really think about MSs press conference. It wasn't that good.

The FFXIII thing was the biggest thing, the rest of it was pure and utterly bad. The time they didn't spend pushing clones (Lips, Scene it, Avatars), they spent talking about games we already knew about. No new announcements of games, just another taken franchise. Fairly disappointing indeed.

I agree with the 'mehness'. All these conferences are pretty boring so what I look for are announcements that can change sales trends.

FFXIII isn't a game changer but its a pretty painful right hook in the jaw for the PS3.

I feel like we did a pretty good job for Microsoft in our E3 expectations piece and in the E3 tidbits article.

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Dont care, Didn't read.


Fallout 3 looks really boring to me..

RE5 looks sexy