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Overall: was ok

New Dashboard:  ...  *raises eyebrow*  ...  looks...special.  

I dont really see why it was necessary for the change.  I like the current one.  Appears to still be functional and easy to use though. 

Avatars:    i thought they were joking...

Seriously...i just kept wondering when they were gonna go "ha ha, gotcha".  Although they seem to have set up a number of things for it and integrated it well.

RE5:  ummm...Fail

Since when did africa get a population of 99% white people?  I could understand adding a few to shut the racist whiners up but this is crap.  i think there was 2 black people in the vid, one of which was your partner.  

Banjo:  SCORE

Still a bit upset it isnt the traditional platformer i was hoping for, but it looks good.  Was really happy when they said they were releasing the original on xbla

Fallout:    *eyes bethesda warily*

wasnt impressed visually....just saying there will be lots of exclusive content doesnt mean it will be good

Final Fantasy:  and opinion hasnt changed.

will be greatly overrated and sell well.

Fable:  looks great...

i hope it meets the expectations... even if it doesnt it should still be good though.

"I like my steaks how i like my women.  Bloody and all over my face"

"Its like sex, but with a winner!"

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