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Forums - Sony Discussion - Best Final Fantasy on PS1


The best Final Fantasy on PS1

Final Fantasy VII 15 48.39%
Final Fantasy VIII 3 9.68%
Final Fantasy IX 11 35.48%
Final Fantasy Tactics 2 6.45%
Final Fantasy Origins 0 0%

What is the best Final Fantasy game on Playstation, and what makes it the best?

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IX, quite easily.

VII is the best. Story, characters, art style, music, gameplay. It's all 10/10 for me. The GOAT!

IX is amazing too but I feel like it has a couple small issues holding it back. The combat is waaaay too slow, the Trance system is a huge downgrade from Limit Breaks, the optional card game is not optional, and I'm not the biggest fan of the art style (bring me Nomura or bring me death!).

I won't fault anyone who picks IX, but VII is THE Final Fantasy game for good reason.

Also, Amarant sucks :P

VII for me

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I voted VII, but on any other day I might have voted for Tactics. Both games are brilliant. It's amazing to me that Squaresoft, who has made many great games, released their two best games ever less than 12 months apart from each other.

Chronicles since it came with Chrono Trigger and FF IV, Anthology was 2nd best with FF V and VI. IX was my favorite original Final Fantasy game on the PS1. It was my favorite as it felt more like the SNES Final Fantasy games to me.

NINE! I love VII and all but FFiX is the best in the franchise let alone PS1

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IX is my favorite followed by Tactics and VII.

IX is just perfect.

VII easily. I didn't like the gameplay of IX too much. It was just way too easy. Until this very day I remember this exact game as the first one where I did never see the game over screen. It's more common nowadays I guess. I wouldn't know, I barely play new releases anymore, lol.

But back then I kinda always waited for the game to really start and then it was just over all of a sudden. Even that weird ball thingy, which I was told was the "Ultima Weapon" of IX wasn't a challenge and I wasn't even grinding or anything. I was so confused. It was just plain unsatisfying to beat the game that easily and with no challenge at all. Other than that, I can't even remember what the story was all about. Which is kinda the definition of forgettable. =P

I don't want to shit on the game or anything and it's totally cool if other people like it. But for me personally, IX is one of the weakest games of the whole franchise. Sorry.

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