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Best Nintendo controller

N64 3 10.71%
NES 2 7.14%
SNES 4 14.29%
Gamecube 7 25.00%
WII 1 3.57%
WII U 3 10.71%
Switch 7 25.00%
Virtua Boy 0 0%
other 1 3.57%

As done with my last two threads this is going to be about Nintendo controllers. Now as someone who never grew up playing Nintendo but with playstation this will be a very interesting poll.  Though my favorite controller has to be the N64 controller! 


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Probably the Gamecube, more specifically the wavebird. The Switch pro controller is also fantastic as is the Super Nintendo controller.

GC hands down.

Most ergonomic, the button you use the most is the biggest and in the most center position. If I have to find a fault it’s the octagonal cut out for the C-stick, and that actually isn’t that big of a deal.

Tie. SNES is still Nintendo's best for 2D (but still not as good as the Saturn controller) games and Switch Pro is their best controller for 3D games tho even though I shelved for the 8bitdo Ultimate controller.

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Ergonomics, Super Smash Bros., and Mario Kart: GameCube
Almost everything else for 3D games and most modern games: Switch Pro Controller
Switch Pro Controller takes it overall. It's still great for Smash and Mario Kart, and the sticks, D-Pad, and face buttons are better than GameCube.

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If it's just purely for the button press feel, the GameCube has it in the bag, but I can't imagine playing with it most 3D games I do today, doesn't feel designed for it.

So for the overall feel of the controller and my appreciation of it, it's the Switch Pro Controller that wings it.

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Wii remote + Nunchuk.

The pointer was an absolute gamechanger for aiming in games like Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy, RE4, Sin and Punishment 2, etc, and when used well motion controls really elevated the experience by adding a level of kinetic satisfaction.

Gamecube is the only answer.

I would have voted none of the above but… one of these is surely better than the other Nintendo made controllers. For something so basic, Nintendo never got this right. I can find something to complain about in every controller they’ve made and I’ve been a major Nintendo fan most of my life. Personally, I like the NES controller for emblematic style, for functionality though, the best is Wii U pro. But it’s triggers weren’t great.

Surprised the Switch has such a high vote currently... Considering they are not ergonomic and are plagued with a few well documented technical issues.

For me though... It is a toss up between SNES and Gamecube.

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