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What is your favorite God of War Game?

God of War (Greek) 258 21.32%
God of War II 239 19.75%
God of War: Chains of Olympus 13 1.07%
God of War: Ghost of Sparta 7 0.58%
God of War III 246 20.33%
God of War Ascension 14 1.16%
God of War (Norse) 223 18.43%
God of War: Ragnarok 202 16.69%

With the new DLC and rumors of a remaster of the trilogy afoot, which God of War was your favorite of the series? 

I refrained from putting the mobile games and the DLC on here since they aren't really the full experiences. I contemplated leaving off the PSP games too but those were actually really fun so I left them in. 

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So far God of War 2 is my favorite.

Gonna play God of War (Norse) as my next GoW game on PS5.

God of War 3 just because of the sheer amount of epic boss battles and due to nostalgia also.

I'd say GOW 1, Ares as the final boss was just legendary.

The nordic games overshadow the classic ones for me tbh, but I do have a soft spot for Gow 2 and specially 3.

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I honestly think Ragnarok is the best game. It just felt like an epic journey the whole way through. I loved GoW 2018 as well but Ragnarok story just trumps 2018's imo. The original trilogy are all great games too.

GoW is a unique series. Reminds me of zelda where each entry is better than the last.


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GoW 2018 and GoW: Ragnarok.
Both amazing games.

God of War II because of it's epic moments, and it reminds me of spending the afternoons trying to beat it with my friend when I didn't even had a PS2.

GoW 2018: For me the perfect balance between story, side quests and exploration (that slowly opens up more) and the classic battle mayhem GoW is known for.
Ragnarok didn't reach that balance for me and I never finished it.

Of the classic ones GoW II is my favorite.