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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Anyone buying Mortal kombat 1 on switch?

A good port considering the hardware.

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lol no. Might check the Komplete Edition out if it comes to the next Nintendo system.

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I don't buy third party, outside indie, on the switch. I don't portable game hardly ever and I'll take the ps5/PC version for the better graphics.


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Yea amazing games don't come often and I wanna get the best experience and on a TV. I stopped playing my pro for 1 years cause I didn't wanna play at games at 30fps anymore, and couldn't find a ps5.

It's a AAA third party game, so it's a hard pass by default. If I were interested in low quality gaming, I'd game on an iPhone.

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It looks bad so far on switch . Explains why they showed no footage for switch leading up to launch. So I bought it for ps5. Was hoping originally to get it for switch.

I don't know why they tried to emulate the next gen versions onm switch. They should have went cell shaded/ hand drawn animations,environments for the switch. Something it can handle well at 60 fps and still be visually great. Instead it's a bad performing, ugly next gen game.

Switch, the tanned version

Eh.....No. Might incentivize me to finally get an Xbox Series X next year. The story certainly has improved over the MK9 timeline. ^^

The only thing I've ever cared about in Mortal Kombat games are the fatalities...and I've already seen all of them. I won't be picking up on any consoles, but if it becomes available on gamepass or playstation +, I may be tinker around with it.

I mostly like that they made Sindel like Sindel again, and not that backstabbing slut form the MK9 timeline.