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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - When do you think the Switch Successor will release?


Will the Switch successor launch in 2024?

Yes 3 75.00%
No 1 25.00%

Ik there was a poll of this a few months back, but I want to ask this again now that new info has came out about Nintendo's future.

We now know that no new hardware is releasing this fiscal year, so the earliest we could see the Switch successor release is April 2024.

We also now have big 2023 Holiday games confirmed like Mario RPG and Mario Bros Wonder, so this puts the idea that the Switch would be done after TOTK released to rest. A decent amount of people were suggesting that would happen where the 2nd half of 2023 is where the Switch wouldn't have much in terms of releases and shift focus to Switch 2, but not going to happen this early.

We also have two games confirmed for 2024, they're smaller games but still new releases which shows that the Switch isn't done even going into 2024.

So when do you think the successor is releasing?

For me I've always been in the camp that's been forecasting the successor to release 2025 or potentially later even before Nintendo announced there's no new hardware coming before April 2024 and before they announced more 2023/24 games for the Switch. 

I saw a surprising amount of people saying an early 2024 release or even as wild as releasing by the end of 2023. People make the mistake of comparing the Switch's lifecycle to previous Nintendo consoles like the DS & Wii, but those consoles were no where near as popular in their 7th year as the Switch is. The Wii was already dead in its 7th year only selling 3 Million units and dried itself out with price cuts by that point and DS only sold like 6 Million and also dried itself out with pricecuts. The Switch is forecasted to sell 15Million and it would still be one of Nintendo's most profitable years in history. Nintendo is in way less of a rush to release a successor compared to the DS/Wii era when sales and profits fell much more drastically. 

Honestly, I'm expecting a Holiday 2025 release but I wouldn't be surprised if the successor doesn't release til later than that.

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March 2025

Switch is still selling well.  Nintendo isn't in a rush.


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I have been saying Holiday 2024 for quite a while and I don't see any information that makes me think otherwise at this point. I will say that all the YouTubers (and there are quite a few of them) who have been predicting a release by or before Holiday 2023 are delusional and always were and I even see many of them saying "I meant that we would 'see' it in 2022 or 2023" as a way to hedge their bets. That was never going to happen just based on the strength of the sales. Now as things begin to taper down we are finally in a moment where a successor's launch seems natural and not like self sabotage.

Holiday 2024 could come and go very easily and I don't think Nintendo would be making a mistake, particularly if Holiday 2024 gives us Metroid Prime 4, a great cast of Zelda Remasters, a remake of an obscure title that never performed well, and some Mario Wonder DLC. That being said, I don't think Nintendo should wait until 2026. That just feels like running the well dry, not necessarily of sales but of enthusiasm. We're already close to that threshold and waiting just a bit too long could cause expectation fatigue and a little resentment from folks waiting to get along with the next gen.

Edit: I'm the one that made the previous thread on this subject.  I'm curious as well to see how the predictions change.  I'll post an update of my poll after this one runs its course to notice any similarities or differences.

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I'm still feeling Holiday 2024. The Switch will be over 7.5 years old at that point, making it the longest Nintendo primary hardware besides the Game Boy. The Switch won't necessarily be dropped immediately after that point, especially seeing how there's still room for a price drop (the Switch Lite for $100 to $150 can keep a niche for a few years).

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I was in the Early March 2025 camp since 2022 so might as well keep the consistency there. Of course, a 2024 holiday is possible but for the sake of having a good healthy launch window with it's software, I think they'll take all the time necessary to make it good, hence why there's no need to release during the holiday. The Switch launch taught them that.

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I am very confident in 2024. My source who is a whore that likes to cosplay as the purple Pikmin during Miyamoto's private sessions said so.


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i’m getting deja vu with this thread.

either holiday 2024 or Q1 2025. later than that is crazy.

I wanna say Q4 2024

Next year anything beyond that is stupid.

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None of the above/before mid-2024.

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