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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario RPG Remake announced for Switch, launches November 17

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Glorious. Just glorious.

It's got a kind of chibi art style, and they changed the UI. Disappointed in that, but overall not a deal breaker.  

Looks great, looks like a faithful remake.

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Not sure if this needed a 1:1 remake, the original one still has a lot of charm. But then that mine cart section looks rough...






One of the best things announced in today's Direct!! ^^

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One of the few remakes really I wanted is finally happening!!! I'm so excited for this!!!!!

One of my two favourite games ever! MY BODY IS SO READY!

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She did the original sound track, and she's arranging for the new one.

We are in good hands! 

I don't care for how this looks but it's good that traditional Mario RPG's aren't completely dead.

Mallow and Geno... they look so Good, My Boys!