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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Plans for 3rd American McGee Alice game die due to EA

For those that don't know, American McGee announced plans for a 3rd Alice series game called Alice: Asylum back in 2021, developed by his own Mysterious Studios in collaboration with Virtuous Games. He collaborated with the 3000+ Patreon backers for the game to create a design bible for the game, a plan for how the game would be made with things that the patreon backers wanted to see in the game, and came up with a game production plan with partner studio Virtuous Games. Problem is, EA still owns the license to American McGee's Alice series. So, American McGee sent both the design bible and the production plan to EA. After several weeks of review, he heard back from EA; they not only didn't want to partially fund the development of the game alongside the patreon funding, they wouldn't even sell the IP to him or license the IP to him for a set number of years so that he could get the rest of the funding needed to develop the game on his own, even though EA has no current plans to use the IP. And so, the 3rd Alice game is now dead because of EA. 

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Just a friendly reminder that though EA has improved alot in recent years, they are still pretty shitty.

It's EA, what did you expect?

Despite them semi improving over the years, they still aren't doing much with the C&C franchise, besides that one remaster 2yrs ago now, so it's not surprising to see them shoot down this IP from getting a sequel. EA is still on that "gotta be a big IP, gotta sell big numbers", kind of gig.

When was the last time we saw a third party publisher craft a new IP that wasn't a multiplayer game, a battle royale or laden with MT's up the wazoo or not being F2P/NFT based?. Feels like risk taking from most pubs is at an all time low. 

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I recently checked out both Alice games since Madness Returns is one of my bf's favourite games ever and he gifted me it so this is unfortunate since they're both interesting games and a new one with art direction as strong as MR would easily be one of the best looking games ever made. That one still looks really nice today and seeing more of his dark take on Wonderland would've been nice.

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I loved Madness Returns, completed it for the first time last year and really fell in love with it by the end. It’s a damn shame there’ll never be another.

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Damn, what a shame.

It is always a risk when you spend time and resources developing work for a property you don't have the rights to...

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Thank God. Those games weren't even good to begin with.

VersusEvil said:

I loved Madness Returns, completed it for the first time last year and really fell in love with it by the end. It’s a damn shame there’ll never be another.

Same serious oozed personality with its design. Really sucks we won't get another game. :/">"><img src="