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Forums - Sports Discussion - Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympic Summer Games Discussion Thread

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Will You Watch the Olympics

Yes, I will follow the events closely 6 24.00%
Yes, I will follow the events casually 12 48.00%
No, I am not interested in the events at all 7 28.00%

After being delayed for a year due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the Tokyo 2021 2020 Olympic Summer Games are set to kick off this month.

The games will run from July 23rd - August 8th. Athletes have started to arrive in Tokyo from around the world and various warm up events and exhibitions have already taken place.

Due to a recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Tokyo, most events will take place without spectators. Despite widespread opposition within the country, the games will still take place and be broadcast for a worldwide audience.

Are you excited for the Olympics? Will you follow along? Which country are you from/supporting? Which events and athletes are you most excited to see?

I will do my best to update this thread with schedules and medal count results.

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I'm no Novak Djokovic fan but I would like to see him finally get the tennis gold and the US Open some weeks later to achieve the GOLDEN SLAM. It would be the biggest history in men's tennis as no man ever achieved it before. The last time a tennis player achieved the feat was in 1988 and she was Steffi Graf and it seems no woman will ever do it again. By the way, I'm from Philippines and I'm cheering for World Champion Carlos Edriel Yulo in floor exercise in Men's Artistic Gymnastics, US Women's Open Champion Golfer Yuka Saso, and Rio silver medalist in women's weightlifting Hidilyn Diaz.

Not excited at all, and I wonder how fair the competition can be given the circumstances. Everything from training the past year to being able to get there has been affected, and definitely not equally along the world.

I'm not going to follow them this time. You tube will spam me with the 'interesting' bits anyway like women's pole vault...

Will most likely just watch the opening/closing ceremonies, and maybe not even that.

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I'm not interested and I'm actively asking everyone I know to boycott them. Those games should not be held at this time. It's a waste of taxpayer money and resources, just to fatten the pockets of a few chosen people.

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I never have any hope for Honduras winning any medal ever, Not even winning bronze we are one of the worst countries to ever compete , we just suck.

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It's sort of a tradition with my family, so yes, I'll be watching.

Yes, Go Netherlands!

Let’s win a stack of medals in various Cycling, Swimming and Hockey events. Though Hockey is hardly a stack since that’s just two max and our Swimming isn’t what it used to be. We do have chances in other fields for some random medals like in Athletics, which has been decades since we’ve had people that are actually competitive.

I’ll be casually watching, and keeping track of the medals. Usually, the tv is on in the background with whatever our public network decides to air. And then if there’s something interesting we’ll watch.

Not usually that interested in the olympics, but this time I really hope they're a massive failure and certain people/businesses involved go bankrupt/lose their job and most importantly get voted out because of them. Shouldn't be happening.

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I'm shocked the olympics are still a thing this year. Considering barely anyone will go to them due to COVID blocks, they finantial losses Japan is going to have are going to be monumental.

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