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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch owners: Have you experienced joycon drift?

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Have you experienced joycon drift?

Both of my joycons are nearly unusable. 11 15.07%
Both of my joycons are slightly fidgety. 7 9.59%
One of my joycons is nearly unusable. 16 21.92%
One of my joycons is slightly fidgety. 11 15.07%
I've never had a problem with my joycons. 28 38.36%

Because it's getting ridiculous. I've already sent one of my joycons to Nintendo's Technical Service, and two years later, after "repairing" it, BOTH of my joycons drift so much it's become impossible to play with them. Have you had issues with the joycons as well? Can I repair them myself? If not, is there a 3rd party alternative for joycons? Preferably with motion controls allowed.

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I do not know a switch owner who hasnt

My unofficial fix that worked for me is pressing down the thumb stick really hard for like 10 seconds. Maybe my drift was related to dust etc and the pressure displaced it *idk*

One of my four got it. I've been too busy/lazy to send it in for repairs, but it's legitimately disappointing how fragile so many of these things have proven.

Nope, never.

NobleTeam360 said:

Nope, never.

Because you rarely use your switch


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Yep, quite a bit of it. One of the few things about Switch that irritates me. I've discovered though that blowing on the bottom portion of the stick has usually fixed it up for days and even weeks. It slowly starts to build again, but it's good to at least have a temporary solution. It's like the archaic days of blowing on NES carts all over again haha..


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I don't know a single joycon that doesn't drift after some months

How this was never fixed after 4 years is beyond me

Only noticed an issue recently when I got New Pokemon Snap. The left joycon drifts very noticeably. No issues with the right one so far.

I had an issue with one joy con. It was mild and seems to have sorted itself out somehow.

Almost all switches have it. It may happen around the 10th-14th month of usage.
The problem here is that we have the seen the improved switch and the switch lite come, and yet the drift hasn't been fixed.
Hope we won't experience it with the rumored switch pro (if it releases of course).