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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Your favorite Animal Crossing villager?

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Animal Crossing is a series known for its colorful cast of animal villagers consisting of 35 species (excluding important NPCs), ranging from the cute cats, to the uncommon octopi. Out of all the unique villagers the series has to offer, which one is your favorite?

For me, it's the adorable, simple-yet-effectively named Bluebear.

Her design strikes that perfect balance of simplistic and charming for me, and her talks about being a pop star while reciting the commercial for StickThing and calling everyone "peach" makes her my favorite villager of all time. 

Honorable mention to Sherb, the fluffy goat.

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Got to be Tom, the blue cat. Adore his personality. He is so badass!



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I love Beau for some reason lol

I really like all of my villagers. Flora (flamingo), Ozzie (koala), Midge (bird), Butch (grumpy brown dog) and Bob (cool af purple cat) are my top 5 out of those I have atm, but I like them all.

From every one I've had at one point or another:

  1. Flora - She's so precious and needs to be protected at all costs. My favourite, and she's never getting moved out.
  2. Ozzie - He's funny and always good to chat to. He, Flora and Midge gave me a great birthday party so they're great.
  3. Midge - She's fantastic. So nice and cute. She was one of my original 5 though, so if she asks to leave I think I'll let her. I want to keep her, but her house is so plain and boring as it is :<
  4. Bob - He's just cool as hell. Finally got him to move to my island yesterday after spending 150 NMT looking for him. He'll undoubtedly move higher still.
  5. Egbert - He was funny as hell. A great guy. I moved him off because his house was so empty and sad, but I want my dude back.
  6. Butch - He's funny, and actually wears the clothes I give him! He looks great in the detective's hat.
  7. Beardo - He was fantastic. I wish I'd kept him in retrospect.
  8. Astrid - Cute as hell with the punk rocker vibe and the star over her eye. I get that she's called Kids in Japanese, but I do wish her house were grunge rather than playground though.
  9. Cherry - Fantastic. I had her in NL and PC. She feels kind of toned down from those games, but she's still fun here. Spent 24 NMT to get her with no luck, then she showed up the next day as a campsite visitor and kicked my most maligned villager off! Like fate.
  10. Ellie - I remember she was in my first AC town way back on the GC. She's lovely as always.
  11. Marina - Really cute. I haven't spoken with her much. She sort of forced her way in to my town, appearing 5 times in 16 Nook mile tours.
  12. Drago - He's funny, but I haven't warmed to him as much as Ozzie or Egbert.
  13. Puddles - She was lots of fun, but got grating eventually.
  14. Axel - I don't really vibe with the jock persona, but he was one of my two originals and was great.
  15. Harry - I loved his house and his vibe, but moved him off for Astrid. He's since returned to haunt me, appearing on 3 nook mile islands, with no recollection of me whatsoever.
  16. Merengue - I haven't really warmed to her as much as I thought I would. I think I'll be moving her off my island next so I can hunt for Bob.
  17. Pierce - I didn't like him very much, but the day that I accepted his request to leave, it started raining and he looked very dapper in his raincoat. It made me wish I'd given him more of a chance.
  18. Deidre - One of my originals, but she never grew on me. Her teeth freak me out man, even if she was lovely to talk to.
  19. Cousteau - He was boring, then he left in a week. Not really much of an impression tbh, but it is what it is.
  20. Tiffany - By faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar my most hated villager, and one of my most hated Nintendo characters. She popped up as my tenth villager, and I hated her from start to finish. I started time travelling as a way to get rid of her, and she was so damn stubborn that she didn't leave until I'd jumped forward to next January! Good riddance, absolute trash tier villager.
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From all villagers that I had (11 until now, cause I keep blocking them from let go)

1) Hamlet
2) Dora
3) Avery
4) Lucy
5) Sylvia
6) Huck
7) Rodeo
8) Flip (he left 4 days ago </3)
9) Goose
10) Nibbles
11) Patty 

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Tiffany is probably my favourite of my current villagers, Eugene is another cool one. Third would have to be Pietro of my current ones, a bit overly nice, but also entertaining and with a far out house.

I like all of them to a certain extent, but some are kind of bland. I did get rid of Aurora and Beau, a dull penguin and equally dull reindeer with not much in the way of personality.

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Dom by far. He is so cute.


Sprocket. Still waiting for a certain shitty character to finally leave, so I can pursue him.

Out of my current villagers, I would have to say Hopper.

Not my picture, but I've seen it making the rounds. Kiki was one of my starting villagers on my original GameCube town. She's also been in a later GameCube town, and at one point was in my New Leaf town. She's on my sister's island right now, and I'm jealous. If my sister ever catches her leaving and I have a free space, I'm taking her to my island.

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