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B B Buddy


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3 months after playing this game, here is my current list:

1) Hamlet
2) Dora*
3) Sylvia*
4) Lopez*
5) O'Hare*
6) Avery*
7) Judy*
8) Lucy*
9) Flora*
10) Rodeo
11) Sheldon*
12) Nibbles
13) Huck
14) Hornsby*
15) Flip
16) Goose
17) Boomer
18) Patty 

With * are my current villagers. Only Sylvia and Lucy are left from my six first villagers. And surprisingly after 3 months Sylvia never asked me to move out a single time, I'm inclined to make her a permanent villager. Same goes for Dora

Lopez and O'Hare are hilarius, I don't know if I want them to ever move out. O'Hare litarally asked me to move out today and I said no

I'm having problems to connect with Hornsby, he talks way too much about food and is always pulling Judy's leg

Flora and Sheldon are my most recent villagers. Flora is just adorable. I like her so much more than Nibbles and Patty. She was from one of my friend who needed to sell her Switch because she lost her job. Because of that I promised myself I will never let Flora leave as a memory of her

I like Sheldon and find him friendly, but I just miss Hamlet. Can't wait until he asks my friend to move out, so I can invite him to live with me again for good

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Never played this, but my friend does, and she's always going on about how much she loves Beardo.


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Shikamo said:

B B Buddy

Roald is indeed great. Love him to death

OT: My current favorites are Zucker, Audie, Stitches, and Ketchup


I've only played the mobile game, but I liked Rosie the most.