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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rumor: According to Polish insider Cyberpunk 2077 delay because Xbox One (current gen base console)

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" According to a Polish insider Borys Niespielak, the main reason for Cyberpunk 2077 delay lies in current-gen consoles, which are reportedly not powerful enough to run the game properly.

Speaking in a podcast, Niespielak says that the original Xbox One console is not powerful enough to run the game properly and apparently, Cyberpunk 2077 performance on the console is "extremely unsatisfactory".

Borys' sources confirmed that if "this problem with Xbox has not been solved by January 2020, the release date must be postponed."

Now, we would suggest that you take these rumours with a grain of salt, just like any other unofficial info but it would not be the first time that consoles have caused problems to CD Projekt Red. You may remember that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt received a pretty noticeable downgrade close to its release, and apparently, the reason for that was entirely due to consoles.

As for the source, over at Discord, Polish players are pretty confident in Borys Niespielak, who seems to be as renowned as Jason Schreier in Poland. Discord user Klawiaturodzierzca even translated the best bits from the podcast and you can check them out in the screenshot below:

Information from the podcast, translated by Discord user Klawiaturodzierzca

All in all, this is some pretty big news if true and we can only hope that CD Projekt Red will find a way to properly optimise Cyberpunk 2077 without any downgrades. Surely they cannot let it happen to them again, not after The Witcher 3 backlash anyway."

In my opinion this is normal for multiplatform games because the games need to be design for all cross platform and optimize.

I do wander if CDPR are great at making games and optimizing games. It will be pure hell to other developer especially if they are making games for both Next gen and at the same time for current gen. Some sacrifice might happen if it's develop for both gen,  either on next gen version or current gen version or probably both ended up bad and on top of that need a lot of times to optimize. 

That's why developing exclusives on single platform and single gen is great for gamers and developer but bad for publisher.

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The game doesent look that amazing.

Worst case scenario, it probably runs like Mass Effect 1 on consoles.

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Yeah saw that being discussed "elsewhere". Most "others" suggested they haven't been optimized for the specific console.
Then again they did just delay 5 months.
Plus there are other rumors that they are in severe crunch time.

What percentage of PC are "capable" of this game though? How many actually have a computer that will run at what they want, and how many are sitting at console level or less?

PC now - Next gen next year would be interesting. But also a brutal punch to the userbases of both PS and XB. Better to decide now than later though.

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Hopefully there will be a version optimized for next-gen systems.


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Same problem with Scalebound that it couldn't run stable enough on the XBOX One. Could you imagine if they just cancel the XBOX One version because of MICROSOFT's policy.

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I probably wouldn't enjoy playing this game anyway. More interested in the Keanu Reeves cinematics and I can just watch those. That being said I think my 980ti would at least do good, not great, at running this thing.

Reading the article it only mentions original Xbox One. What about Ps4?

If horizon zero dawn can run almost perfect, then this game should to.


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kazuyamishima said:
Reading the article it only mentions original Xbox One. What about Ps4?

They mentioned PS4 for clickbait reason. I'm Polish and original Polish articles only mention base Xbox One.

Okay I edited the title to match the original source.