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Forums - General Discussion - Night in the Woods Dev commits suicide in light of accusations against him.

I haven't read the complete in's and outs of this (apparently it stirred up a shit storm on reddit over it) but this is a pretty tragic thing, accusations were made against the guy and he committed suicide within 24 hours of it, the action suggests guilt and also just playing through night in the woods it's fairly clear that the person behind some of that thinking wasn't quite in a perfect state of mind because I don't think you can come up with some of those thoughts without being slightly off balance.

Still though a shame from a games world point of view as well because if you haven't played the game "Night in the Woods" is a really fantastic game and story and one of the very few games where there is literally no combat in it whatsoever not even puzzle based combat, it's just story and puzzles.

This person wasn't the only one behind that game of course, still though I'm just going to put my feelings on suicide for any reason on here... there is no going back from the choice to do that, you can get help all the way up until the point where you down a handful of paracetamol or w/e once you do that there is nothing someone can do for you but make a sad post on a forum... or facebook. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, be it therapy, legal help... anything, if you are ever in a position where you consider this action, talk to someone.

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I am not sure if life can be terrible enough to commit suicide. There are some exceptions. Maybe war, torture, prison, etc.

But come on, you got to push forward!

But I have never been depressed or distraught, so I don't know how that feels to want suicide.

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The action suggests guilt...?
...Or it suggests that the development career of this persoon was over and that was the only thing he had to live for.

Would you also take the nuking of Zoe Quins twitter as an admission of her guilt?

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spurgeonryan said:
I am not sure if life can be terrible enough to commit suicide. There are some exceptions. Maybe war, torture, prison, etc.

But come on, you got to push forward!

But I have never been depressed or distraught, so I don't know how that feels to want suicide.

Most people committing suicide have underlying mental issues, that's why it's hard for people without these conditions to relate. If it happens you can be sure, though, that from the point of view of the individual it was a viable solution.

From what I read about this, he seems to have been in danger for years long before those accusations. His sister said that he was way better adjusted in recent times, but that can either be a sign for improvement or a sign that a suicide is already in planning.

I just hope people won't read into this more than it was. It was a troubled person with underlying mental conditions who took his own life. Nothing more and nothing less. (Unless of course those accusations turn out to be false)

Who am I kidding, those gamergate incels are probably already all over this shit -.-

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I hardly take him committing suicide as an admission of guilt. In addition to what Stefan said prior, perhaps he was just severely depressed and mentally ill and these accusations were the straw that broke the camel's back because in a day and age where MeToo, Trial by Social Media, and 'believe all victims no matter what' has become so prominent, you're guilty by default. Proper Litigation, Due Process, Right to an Attorney, Right to a Fair Trial, Burden of Proof, and Innocent Until Proven Guilty all be damned. Even if the accusations turn out to be false and the accuser was just lying through her teeth, the damage to his reputation, career, and life was already done. I'm not trying to make excuses for taking his own life, but this is likely what he was thinking on top of whatever depression, stress, or severe mental strain he already had that drove him to do it. Maybe the accusations are legitimate, maybe they're not. If they are, well I guess in a way he's already atoned for his crimes. It's a damn shame, all around.

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He was mentally ill. His sister said that he'd suffered from mental and personality disorders his entire life. These people are on the edge of committing suicide most of their lives. This result isn't shocking. And certainly isn't an admission of guilt.

Another reason I don't like the metoo movement. Not only does it circumvent "innocent until proven guilty", it's basically a guaranteed suicide for anyone suffering severe mental illness. Those people can't handle a metoo allegation.

This situation hits me hard because I have a brother who had severe schizophrenia until he eventually died. (not a good death, leave it at that).

People have hard times understanding people with mental illness. They look weird, they don't know how to act in social gatherings. And for something like romantic interests, they're completely incompetent. Given what I've read, I don't doubt that something happened, I just don't think that there are a lot of people who understand how these people work. He may not have even meant any harm, he could have easily just been bad at hitting on girls.

Its not just only Zoe Quinn

Whoa I posted this and headed to bed, please note in my OP (which was written quite late but still perfectly states) "the action suggests guilt" I'm not saying in the slightest that what he done was an admission of guilt, just that it looks bad when someone does that when a crime is suggested because it looks as though they might be guilty. It's like here in my town there was a woman (61) in a hospital who said that a doctor had done stuff to her while she was under his care... the hospital released a statement about it right away and tried to get in contact with the doctor... but by the end of the day he had left the country rather than make a statement. He never fought any of that charge, never returned. Now in your eyes... is his running a suggestion of guilt? Of course it is. It's never an admission of guilt those things are completely separate but it always looks bad when the accused party runs in one way or another. (I was gonna link to those stories here as to the verdict reached in 2018 as the incident happened in 2016 but I don't think they're needed, if anyone wants a read just poke me for a pm of what went on, citations are available)

But I'm well aware that he wasn't a perfectly stable person like I said the design of a title like night in the woods was so close to perfect in terms of mental health issues that people would suffer that it genuinely feels like a game not created in a boardroom by people reading the definition of feelings of depression, guilt, worthlessness and so on... those feelings your character feels in that game are far too close to the point to be from someone who hasn't been there in some capacity.

Zoe Quinn btw I have no idea who that is in relation to this, last time I heard a name like that was when a group of people who spent their time at college on gender studies degrees were making bank on how mistreated Princess Peach was at the hands of Mario her oppressor. That is to say I hold zero stock in anything that person says or does because I have her filed under "idiot" in my head.

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Then justice is served.

Hopefully he really was a monster.

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