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He was mentally ill. His sister said that he'd suffered from mental and personality disorders his entire life. These people are on the edge of committing suicide most of their lives. This result isn't shocking. And certainly isn't an admission of guilt.

Another reason I don't like the metoo movement. Not only does it circumvent "innocent until proven guilty", it's basically a guaranteed suicide for anyone suffering severe mental illness. Those people can't handle a metoo allegation.

This situation hits me hard because I have a brother who had severe schizophrenia until he eventually died. (not a good death, leave it at that).

People have hard times understanding people with mental illness. They look weird, they don't know how to act in social gatherings. And for something like romantic interests, they're completely incompetent. Given what I've read, I don't doubt that something happened, I just don't think that there are a lot of people who understand how these people work. He may not have even meant any harm, he could have easily just been bad at hitting on girls.