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Metacritic (PS4): ?? | Metacritic (XOne): ?? | Metacritic (PC): 61 | OpenCritic: 60


Destructoid: 7

"BioWare will need to build quickly on top of its shimmering jet-fueled foundation to hold people's interest, but folks looking for a new neighborhood to move into might want to give Anthem a try -- either now or after fixes and updates."

TechRaptor: 7

"Anthem's fast-paced shooting gameplay is a ton of fun, but it suffers from long loads, repetitive missions, bad filler, and an iffy story. Still, this is an extremely solid base for more content."

IGN: 6.5

"Anthem has energetic combat but it saves too much of what precious little content it has for the endgame, making playing through its mismatched story a tediously repetitive grind."

GameSpot: 6

"Anthem has good ideas, but it struggles significantly with the execution. It's a co-op game that works best with no one talking; it buries genuinely interesting character moments and puts its most incomprehensible story bits at the forefront; its combat is exciting until you get to the boss fights and find your wings have been clipped. Even the simple, exhilarating act of flying is frequently interrupted by the limitations of your javelin, and you never quite shake that feeling of disappointment--of knowing, throughout the good parts of Anthem, that you'll inevitable come crashing back down."

Metro GameCentral: 6

"There are flashes of brilliance, especially when it comes to the flying, but confused storytelling, boring loot, and unsatisfying missions don't justify the game's massive time investment."

PC Gamer: 5.5

"Anthem's disjointed story, boring loot, repetitive missions, and shallow endgame are all disappointing. At least it's pretty."

GamesRadar+: 5

"Anthem is ultimately severely flawed, and very unfinished. There's half a good game in there, but it doesn't do enough to diminish the overall feeling of emptiness and repetition."

Fandom: 5

"Right now, though, Anthem is in a bad state -- and no patches or performance improvements are going to be a quick enough fix to solve the fundamental problems that make it such an unfulfulling game."

The Guardian: 4

"Even when it is strongest, Anthem rarely stretches beyond the derivative. The combat, while well-designed, is little more than Gears of War with jetpacks, and narratively it veers between inconsequential and downright irritating. This anthem is, sadly, a tedious and conservative dirge that we've all heard before."

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Wow. Considering its bioware, story is the bit I thought they would have nailed.

Good gameplay but lack of story and content.

They went a little too hard on copying Destiny. Early reviews are indicating that I'll skip this.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

With crackdown 3, I had a feeling it would be 70 or maybe below.
With Anthem all the trailers of it looked pretty decent.... this low OpenCritic score is a surprise to me.

This game could determine the life or death of bioware right? This is grim.
Why didnt they just make a good Dragon Age instead? *sigh*

Ive been saying this all along, why make anthem? Id much rather have had a good DA game.

EA, don't believe any of the developers ideas come to fruition. They do what they are told, and this occurs.

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I'm honestly not even surprised. Anthem never felt like anything but a copy of other successful games that found success with the "Live Services"-model. That particular niche is already filled with games, all of which demand massive amounts of time from players, so if you want to stand our or find success in it you need to do something very different from your competition, and the only thing Anthem ever seemed to have was jetpacks.

Another review of a French site with 68/100


+Beautiful and runs well even on relatively small machines
+Intense and impressive battles
+4 Javelins and many ways to play them
+Quality French version
+The combos system
+Upcoming updates

-The generic story and the multitude of meaningless dialogues
-Repetitive and redundant missions
-Bestiary not very varied
-Limited high-level content
-Travel too slow in the city
-No beacons or fast movements in free exploration mode
-Sometimes extremely long loads
-Wild teleports during missions
-Unplayable without console subscription online.
-Too many bugs



Yep. The end of Bioware is near.

What a sad story. God damn you EA.

Sad but to be expected. MEA was abysmal. This looks like MEA x10 as far as story and missions go. This is the end of Bioware.

OTBWY said:
Yep. The end of Bioware is near.

What a sad story. God damn you EA.

Would not be surprised if the sales are decent but honestly I have no clue what they expect sales wise and what the best performing bioware game is.

oh an interesting quote,,,

”Well, we need to sell 10 million units," said BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk. "That's actually the new target, right? We do Top 10 games, our stuff is quite successful.”