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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Secret message in Metal Gear Survive says 'KJP Forever', calls director a bastard and producer cunning

Via Reddit:

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Lol, yeah I saw this.

Side note: As a loanword in Japanese, "cunning" [カンニング] means to cheat or be a copycat. Often used when cheating off another student's test or copying their homework. He's basically calling Yuji a hack.

Talk about unprofessional

twintail said:
Talk about unprofessional

Exactly what I was thinking. Whoever decided to do that will probably bring punishment the whole team knowing Japan. This is like the never-ending chronicle though. 

Whoever came up with this idea either has balls the size of coconuts or is the dumbest bastard or bitch in all of gaming... Or both.

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This is fucking stupid, why doesn't the artist quit his damn job if he worships Kojima so much ? LOL

He afraid of not getting a stable income for following a blind path like his visionary ?

This, if it's some form of protest, will have consequences. I wonder how much longer until a patch 'fixes' this.

Niiice, fuck Konami.

What a hilarious way to quit your job or get back at them. 👿

Valdath said:
Niiice, fuck Konami.

This. I hope Survivor crashes and burns. If Konami isn't going to give their franchises to people who actually give a shit about them and just piss all over the ones they still feel like making, just don't. Stick to your freaking Pachinko machines.