Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So, was 3D World better than Odyssey? S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S


3D World 14 14.89%
Odyssey 49 52.13%
Galaxy 28 29.79%
Crash is better 3 3.19%

Conflicting thoughts in my head. Despite Odyssey being similar to 64, the game ended being very inferior to the classic games like Galaxy, Sunshine or the already mentioned, 64.


The ending was silly, not even in the same universe as Galaxy's epic ending with a black hole. It was just, silly. And I mean, whoever choose that song at the end must be taken off the team for a long time.


On top of that, post game was exciting on paper. (Re) Visiting the Mushroom Kingdoom sounded good, but ended being... just another simplier small world. I even prefered the Wooded Kingdoom...


DISCLAIMER: Metro Kingdoom is one of the best 3D Mario levels ever.


Now, I have no desire to finish the game. It was good and may go start many future playthroughs, but honestly I had a lot more fun with 3D World. And it's not even a real 3D Mario. Were we wrong?


I want to start my 4th file in 3D World over keep playing the new shinny 3D Mario.


PS: Breath of the Wild >>>>> Odyssey. 

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I haven't played Odyssey but I played a good chunk of 3D World at a friend's house. The game is well designed but it lacks any of the atmosphere or charm the previous 3D Marios had. Nintendo essentially took the engine from 3D Land and created an experience that fits the 3DS much better than the Wii U. I can remember every level from Super Mario Galaxy because Nintendo was incredibly creative with their level designs and locales. Toy Time Galaxy and Freeze flame Galaxy are some of the best levels in any 3D platformer that I have ever experienced. 3D World decided to go down a traditional route and create a forgettable game that I can barely remember. From looking at the gameplay footage for Odyssey, I can see Nintendo tried a lot harder with this game. The execution may not be perfect, but it seems like something creative and interesting. It's hard to judge however, considering the fact I haven't even played the game yet. I'll get back to you on that.



3D World was a great game IMO, but Odyssey is on a whole different level (no pun)

I love every 3D Mario game, but Odyssey just kinda wrecks every videogame ever for me, so no, Odyssey is bae.

Are you complaining about Honeylune Ridge Escape theme? How dare you.

Sunshine was hot compost.

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64 >> Galaxy games > Odyssey >> 3D World >>>>> Sunshine

3D World and Sunshine shouldn't even be in any conversations regarding the best 3D Mario experience (or 2D, or Kart or Party or whatever)...
3D World was by no means bad, but lacked the scope of prior 3D Mario experiences...
Sunshine was just straight up incomplete and poorly executed...
The blue coins were a piss poor substitute for desperately needed content (much more so that Galaxy's parankster comets, as the Shadow Mario races were pretty fun)...
And need we bring up the terrible Yoshi mechanics or the horrifically buggy pachinko level???
People need to stop saying that Sunshine is criminally underrated and be happy that more people aren't calling it steaming hot garbage...

Have a nice day...

I already expressed my opinion in other threads on this forum regarding this subject but yes, I do agree that odyssey falls way short of any of the previous 3D Mario games in terms of longevity and creativity ( In my opinion and as someone who has 100% the game and every other 3d Mario game).

The lack of creativity comes from the lack of innovation in terms of level design. Throughout your initial play through of the game, each kingdom will feel unique. However, when you go back to each kingdoms to go for 100% and collect every moon, you quickly realise that each kingdom are designed so similarly in terms of moons placement and challenges which makes the game an incredible grind to go for 100% compared to other 3d Mario games.

Also, the fact that probably over 50-60% or MORE of the moons in this game feel completely pointless and feel like the devs just said " Well shit, let's just put that moon there for the sake of it!" makes actual meaningful moons actually feel meaningless because you collect so many moons so easily that feel incredibly pointless. To word it better, the "pointless" moons that were put in just to boost the total count of moons in the game take away the sense of achievement of collecting the actual "challenging" moons that you will find in doors and whatnot. Also, doors to become incredibly predictable "SPOILER ALERT" as they all contain 2 moons and most of them feel just way too short.

All that told, I rank odyssey as probably the weakest 2nd weakest 3D Mario game behind 3D land on 3DS and I'd say that the galaxy games are by far the best in the series with 64 coming in 2nd and 3D world as a close 3rd.

Odyssey is a great game. Just not a great 3D Mario game in my opinion. If this was an entirely new series aside from the 3D platforming games, then I would be pleased with it. But this doesn't really meet the standards that were set by previous games in terms of innovative level designs and platforming goodness.

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Galaxy > Odyssey > Galaxy 2 > 3D World > Sunshine > 3D Land > 64

The endgames for Galaxy 1 and Odyssey are both fantastic, for their own reasons that are completely different from one another.

Galaxy was the beautiful ending to a universal adventure of grand proportions and brought the perfect conclusion to the story of Rosalina and the Lumas.

Odyssey just puts a smile on my face from ear to ear mostly because of how unexpected it was. From Mario possess- I MEAN, capturing Bowser, to the escape sequence, and Honeylune Ridge: Escape is a damn great song that just caps the sequence off. Finally, the hilarity of Mario and Bowser both being shot down Ice Cold by Peach was just priceless!

They're both going for different tones and styles and both execute them incredibly well.

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