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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I got myself a Playstation 4 :D

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What did you guys get for this holiday season?

Playstation 4 155 79.90%
Xbox One 25 12.89%
WiiU 14 7.22%


Garden Warfare is an extremely good, very underrated game imho.

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Welcome to the true master race.

How much did you pay for that Type-0?

I want one, but the only thing I'm able to buy myself this holiday is the special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X.
Hopefully I get the PS4 for Christmas.

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Cool! 2016 is gonna be crazy for the PS4!

o: You be slow Basil-Kun.

So glad you didn't have to risk your life to get this : )



Dance my pretties!

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What other games you gonna get?

That's some good karate! My PS4 is trapped in my hellhole apartment. At least I have a Vita and PS3 to use.

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Nice! I probably would have gotten one if they had a bundle I wanted.

Congrats on your purchase. Enjoy! Kinda jealous but i plan to buy PS4 next year. It will be a crazy year for PS4 with all those heavy hitter releasing in 2016.

Great system. Congrats!

Don't forget to pick up Bloodborne, and maybe a charging stand for the controller(s).