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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do People Not Like Little Big Planet Anymore?

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Do People/Gamers not care for LBP anymore?

Yes 44 26.99%
No 73 44.79%
IGN is dragging us all do... 46 28.22%

I was scouring IGN's top 25 PS3 games, when I realised that there was a huge flaw.  Nowhere on the list was Little Big Planet, or any of its sequels or spin-offs.  I was aghast. Surely, there must be some outcry on this egregious oversight? But as I scanned the comments, none seemed to be making a fuss about the lack of LBP.  


So, I ask you today, VGChartz, Do people not care about Little Big Planet anymore?  Have the sequels and spin-offs caused the franchise to grow stale?  Does Play Create Share mean nothing now?  Am I putting too much weight in a biased IGN list?

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LBP3 killed it for me. It's a good game now but it took far too long to bring it up to scratch. And I still never got all the DLC I'd paid for on the PS3.


The PS5 Exists. 

Well IMO LBP was never that good in the first place. Got boring quick as do all games that rely so much on people creating their own content.

And as for IGNs top 27 PS3 games... yeah, not a great list in more ways than one

Little Big Planet is Dead

I enjoyed them enough to platinum them all, but LBP3 wasn't as good as the first two.

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I loved the first LittleBigPlanet, I was like super hyped for it you have no idea, and when it came out it was brilliant, being able to make my own levels and stuff, was so bloody fun, then the second game came out with new tools to mess around with and it's like they perfected the series there... the third game however, I can't say anything about it since honestly, when I found out Media Molecule weren't the ones making it, a main entry in the series (Not a portable spin off), I felt a bit meh... then I saw they were adding things that I didn't like, and the inclusion of new characters (Why not give Sackboy the ability to do these things? Give him paper wings to let him fly, for example) which didn't really seem to have much personality and looked like failed attempts at a mascot for the game before reaching Sackboy... it kinda' turned me off... my brother bought me the game for my birthday last year, but I've still not got round to playing it yet... I was gonna' open it up and play around the time I got it, just to see if it could change my mind, but then I started seeing and hearing about all the terrible bugs and glitches people were experiencing, so thought I'd wait for them to get fixed, since I'd rather not have a broken experience with a game I'm already doubting... and since then I've just never really wanted to, or even thought about, playing it... meh. The series has been on a decline in terms of sales since the first anyway, and the third game has sold pretty bad in comparison... I think it's time to accept the days of Sackboy are over.

I really liked LBP, but didn't feel the need to play the sequels.

Was playing LB3 yesterday. I still like it.

They sale decently well with each game including the portables sell over 1 mil copies each.


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The Problem I see with Little Big Planet, and they made the first mistake with LBP2, is that its not all about having fun.
When you look at all the mario games, its still all about fun and thats what makes them appealing for everyone especially for families.
With LBP2 they started a more serious tone, the colors changed, the story got more complex. And it is just not that much fun. When I go back in memory to the first LBP it was all about fun music, fun colors, fun gameplay.
not so much now, and that is what I think is the problem here.
LBP2and3 are by NO means bad games, but the developers seem absolutely lost where they are heading and for who this game actually is.