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Forums - Gaming Discussion - MGSV costs 80 million to develop.

An article from Japanese business newspaper Nikkei reveals Metal Gear Solid V reportedly cost over $80 million for Konami to develop.

The budget for MGSV provides new speculation on the falling out between Metal Gear creator and director Hideo Kojima and Konami that was reported earlier this year. 

The article also writes that Konami founder and chairman Kagemasa Kozuki is no longer interested in increasing the budgets of console games as their return on investment has decreased and especially after the success of the mobile game Dragon Collection, which had less than $1 million budget.

Freelance games localizer Thomas James has translated other bits of the Nikkei article, including information on the strict, poisonous company culture at Konami.


source :$80-million-to-develop-says-Nikkei-report

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while 80 million certainly is A LOT. MGSV will make those back in just a few hours of sales and will easily be profitable day one.

Is that excessive for a video game?

ihatefatkatz said:
Is that excessive for a video game?

yes. Uncharted 2's development budget was around 21 million. GoW3 was 48 million. Max Payne, one of the most expensive video games ever made was 100 million. its a huge budget sure, but MGSV will easily be profitable with a budget like that. 

That's roughly 8 times what MGS2 was... and MGS2 sold a SHIT ton more copies than this one will sell. I can understand Konami's beef with that, from a cold hard business point of view. Game costs are just ridiculous these days and developers don't really seem to give a shit. At some point, either they're going to have to scale back or the indie scene is going to completely take over.

Having said all this... I think it blows that they destroyed the MGS franchise. Let us all sing the infectious Joan Baez song from the end of MGS GZ in it's honor.

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That would put it at around the 10th most expensive game to be developed, excluding marketing of course. I wonder how big the marketing budget is.

bananaking21 said:
while 80 million certainly is A LOT. MGSV will make those back in just a few hours of sales and will easily be profitable day one.

Don't forget about Ground Zeroes. They already  made back some money with that too.

... Well yeah, you let him make an open world Metal Gear. What were you expecting
Btw I would assume that it included the cost of Ground Zeroes and the whole reason why GZ was a separate thing in the first place.

Also, that's only like 10 more million than MGS4, which was apparently took $70 million to develop.

Thats damn steep

I predict that the Wii U will sell a total of 18 million units in its lifetime. 

The NX will be a 900p machine