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The PS4 will have its own original non-HD remaster KH game so it's automatically better than the PS3


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shareplay,picture and video uploading alone makes ps4 better than ps3 feature wise for me :O

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I disagree,as everything just feels faster and more clean on the ps4.

The PS3 did have alot of development to its system, but I remember when I got it (July 08), it didn't even have an in game xmb, and loads of other features.

PS4 UI is faster to use than PS3 aswell. (And my X1 dare I say).

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to me the ability to save gameplay clips and images effortlessly and download of data while in rest mode beats just about anything the ps3 could do

but yeah you do have a valid point on the lack of certain features like dlna

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ICStats said:
Fair enough, if you prefer custom backgrounds & media over a better gaming experience.

As far as stereo 3D goes I think you're in the minority of anyone who still cares.

Again, PS4 has stereoscopic 3D too, like PS3, in both blurays movies and games (Trine 2, Fez, Sniper Elite 3 for instance).

I have Samsung 55" HDTV. The PS4 has 3D supporting games just like PS3 did. I see no difference between playing Blu-Ray and similar on PS3 vs. PS4, except that stuff loads faster on PS4.

I like how the PS4 library works, but I understand if you personally prefer to manually categorize into folders and access stuff that way.

The PS4 has added support for themes and dynamic themes. I never valued those things on PS3 either. I don't think the PS4 has DLNA yet, which is something I did use on PS3 (but very rarely).

The PS4 is a better gaming console in every conceivable way.

All. With. Time.

It's funny because every person that is saying the PS4 is better than the PS3 is mostly stating non gaming reasons. Granted Increase in graphics, free INDIE games, and easy access to trophies, are gaming reasons (albeit small ones IMO) but it's still not enough for me to switch yet. If that's for you, then buy away. For me, they library of PS3 games is more than enough to wait another year to get the PS4. Especially since the highest rated games on it are also available for it's predecessor (and most of them, for that matter).

People are saying patience, but by the time the PS4 gets better than the PS3, it would have already undergone a price drop, which is more of enough reason why if I'm a PS3 owner, I could wait another year. PS4 owners can enjoy The Order: 1886, I'll enjoy Valkyria Chronicles, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Borderlands: The Pre-sequel, Resident Evil 5,6, Revelations, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5, a dozen great RPGs, while still enjoying GTA V, FIFA 15, Destiny and TLOU w/o having to double dip...

Next year however will be an entirely different story...

kivi95 said:
Custom backgrounds will be available in the next firmware system update.

Thank god. I need big shiny butts when I load up my gaming console, not wispy light trails.