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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - DKC: Tropical Freeze is Native 720p @ 60fps (Upscaled to 1080p)

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Good enough for me.

Better than 1080p @ 30fps

Its not like it got a better resolution on a different platform

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Xbox resolution confirmed.

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A bit disappointing. I mean, this is Retro. They make 1st party titles alone, which means they should be able to run the game at 1080p 60fps.

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orniletter said:
Good enough for me.

Better than 1080p @ 30fps

I agree with you, but it seems these days the resolution seems more important than the fps. Given it would be nice if it was 1080p @ 60 fps.


Sounds good, yay for 60fps

But but but the WiiU is so powerful that it can run everything at 1080p!!!

 I guess they must've crank-ed up (pun intended) the graphics considerably with crazy lighting effects and 8xAA.

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This was expected based on the screenshots they released. Either way 60fps is much more important for platformers.

60 fps and amazing gameplay.

All I need.

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