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Thanks to Shane, our The Last of Us tipster who gave us some details yesterday, we received a picture for the Season Pass of the game, giving us an overview of everything that we can expect for our $19.99:

In case the text is too small for you, the Season Pass includes 3 DLC packs totalling $30, and here’s everything you can expect:

  • More Story
  • More Maps
  • More of The Last of Us

Exclusive to the Season Pass:

  • Increased Crafting Speed
  • Increased Healing Speed
  • 9mm Reload Speed Upgrade
  • Rifle Clip Capacity Upgrade
  • “Grounded” – 90 minute making of video

We’ll still let you know when the Season Pass is confirmed by Naughty Dog and Sony (in case some details change), but while you wait for that, we have more non-news regarding the still secret multiplayer.

Talking in the PS Blog comments section, Eric Monacelli, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog, revealed that the company has “reasons for waiting” when it comes to showing off the online portion. We have no idea what those reasons are, so feel free to have your assumptions heard in the comments section below.

The Last of Us releases on June 14th, with the demo inside God of War: Ascension unlocking this Friday.

Do you think the Season Pass is something you’ll buy right away for the boosts? Or are you going to wait and see what the DLC packs are before spending the money? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE:">The Last of Us arrives in just a few weeks. We’re happy to let you know you can">pre-order the full digital edition of the game starting today on the PlayStation Store. The game will be a Day 1 Digital download — this means you can get it at midnight on June 14th. The digital edition features a unique download installer which will allow you to start playing the game once the game data is a little over half way downloaded.

The Last of Us is a universe rich in character and story with many facets that we could potentially explore for years. We’re getting started by announcing that there will be three packs of downloadable content for The Last of Us available after the game launches.

If you want to lock in all three of those DLC packs at discounted price, step up now and">grab the Season Pass. The Last of Us Season Pass DLC is available for pre-order now on PlayStation Store — only $19.99 for three DLC Packs. This is a 30% savings over the pricing of the DLC packs individually. The Season Pass will be available at your local GameStop when you pick up The Last of Us, as well. Unique to Season Pass buyers are the following Day 1 bonuses:

Day 1 Bonuses

  • Increased Crafting Speed
  • Increased Healing Speed
  • 9mm Reload Speed Upgrade
  • Rifle Clip Capacity Upgrade
  • Grounded – exclusive 90min “Making of The Last of Us” documentary

These Day 1 bonuses will help you get a head start and an edge in Joel and Ellie’s struggle to survive through the single player campaign of The Last of Us. The documentary, Grounded, is an in-depth look at the making of The Last of Us throughout its development by Area 5.

For the first time ever we’ll be offering single player DLC. The journey and cast of characters in The Last of Us lends itself to thorough narrative exploration and we’ve got more of the story to tell. The two other DLC packs will feature multiplayer content in the form of additional multiplayer maps and other expansions. You’ll be hearing about our multiplayer over the next couple of days. It’s an experience that continues the themes, tone and tension from the single player campaign and we can’t wait to tell you more about it.">Pre-Order the full digital edition of The Last of Us as well as">The Last of Us Season Pass now on the PlayStation Store. Not going digital yet? Look for the Season Pass when you get your game in retail stores on launch day, June 14th, 2013.

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Why? What's the point of season pass except screwing people who don't purchase it?

Definetely buying the game but season pass is shit,

Shit, more story means I have to buy it :-/

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Season Pass = 80$ game. Will wait for GOTY edition.

Ongoing bet with think-man: He wins if MH4 releases in any shape or form on PSV in 2013, I win if it doesn't.

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Wright said:
Why? What's the point of season pass except screwing people who don't purchase it?

I think it's the opposite on what you said, I think it's better to have season pass which will give the person a value of having multi-DLC for a better price than buying a dlc individual.


Lol season pass?

Was on my radar as a possibility but lol nope at this. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

not getting the game confirmed.

Ive been ignoring any news and previews of this since the leaks, but what the fuck?

More story?

The Last of Us is a story driven game, where story is very much important. Right? Theyre putting story stuff in DLC? I fucking hate DLC that is important to the story.


Chandler said:
Season Pass = 80$ game. Will wait for GOTY edition.

This, as I wasn't planning on buying the game day one anyways.