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Ivalice is in FFXIV!?

WTF!? 0 0%
Holyshit! 4 80.00%
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Meh. 0 0%
See results 1 20.00%


Stormblood - Trailer


Useful Sites:
Free Trial VersionPlay up to Level 35 for free
Recruit-A-Friend Campaign
A Beginner's Guide
Job Guide

Major Patches:
2.0A Realm Reborn

2.1A Realm Awoken

2.2Through the Maelstrom

2.3Defenders of Eorzea

2.4Dreams of Ice

2.5Before the Fall


3.1As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness

3.2The Gears of Change

3.3Revenge of the Horde

3.4Soul Surrender

3.5The Far Edge of Fate


4.1The Legend Returns  

4.2Rise of a New Sun

4.3 - Under the Moonlight

4.4Prelude in Violet




If anyone is interested, here is what The Encyclopedia Eorzea says about Othard.


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Saw this in another forum, looked good (the trailer), just hope the game delivers and hope that SE doesnt make another Mainline series numbered FF a online one ~.~.


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I've been waiting so long for this to happen. Legacy members ftw. ;D I've been wanting to level up more classes (only have lancer maxed) but I think I've been waiting out to do anything for this new release. I don't want to miss the new experiences. =)

Spirit bonding for my 2nd relic as I type this.

I want this free to play on PS3 XD

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Heavenly_King said:
I want this free to play on PS3 XD

Is it gonna be f2p on PS3? I thought you had to pay a extra sub fee even for the PS3 ver o.O? (I mean that is what I heard their gonna do with FFXIV on PS3).


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It wont be free to play, but who knows they might work out a deal for a PSN+ discount. Purely guessing lol

they should make it free to play, all MMOs should be free to play nowadays, Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting amazing profit because of it, and its only released in japan so far, LoL is making billions and everyone getting excited about Guild Wars 2, and DoTA 2 , if this one is going to be Pay to play its going to fail.


edit : the guy narrating is trying to hard to sound "Epic" its funny.

free to play? How does this compare to say, WoW.

It's just that simple.

MonstaMack said:
free to play? How does this compare to say, WoW.

It wont be free to play, but to compare it with WoW, I think the controls will feel the same. it'll have that play at your own pace theme park feel. The story is suppose to be like a Final Fantasy console game, and at the sametime have that MMO aspects and contents.