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Ivalice is in FFXIV!?

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Special talk session with the developers. Translated of course for your viewing pleasure.

12min mark for gameplay

Could this also be a taste of what FFXIII Versus looks like with the luminous engine?

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New FFXIV Images Show Off PlayStation 3 User Interface and concept art!


The new interface shows off an action bar with 16 total slots. The eight on the left are accessed by pressing the L2 button, and the eight on the right are accessed by pressing R2. The 8 slots are then mapped to the controllers directional pad along with the Circle, X, Triangle, and Square buttons. Up to eight action bars can be set up and can then be cycled through by pressing both L2 and R2.


The XMB hotbar is really interesting. lol.

happydolphin said:
Probably the first online FF and MMO in general that I will play.

Really? Sweet! You need to join the linkshell (guild) I'm in if you aren't already set up with another group. =) I'm assuming you're getting it on the PC? Either way's fine, as all players play together iirc.


I totally missed the last update. I can't wait to try out summoner! I wish A Realm Reborn would come out already, I can't wait another month. x_x

Are they gonna mix the servers with old and new players? I dont wanna go into a server with people that have had a year head start.

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Jicale said:
Are they gonna mix the servers with old and new players? I dont wanna go into a server with people that have had a year head start.

New players have the option to join currently existing servers or brand new servers, Existing players however will be able to transfer to existing servers ONLY. They will not be able to enter the new servers designed for the newer players, so they can't manipulate the market. After so many months when the economy is formed they will more then likely open the worlds so you can transfer anywhere.


Without taking a peak inside the link, any Final Fantasy fans want to guess who this is and which game it is from?

^^ Thanks for the info. I was thinking if it is like xi, it would s** having higher lvl players being able to camp any lower lvl nm's that drop valuable stuff

*drool* can't wait for a release date!

All of this, of course, is just my opinion.

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I hope that this game can be played solo, at least the story mode. I am somehow looking forward to it, but I had to quit with FF11 because I just couldn't stand it any more.

I use to play for periods of 1-2 hours... and within this time you just can't make a proper progress. Most of the time it takes over an hour alone to get a party for just doing a mission. So it was extremely hard to get something done. Sometimes it took me over a month just to do the next mission. So most of the time I was just leveling solo and it took ages to get something done.

And not being able to pause the game is just stupid. I mean, my wife got furious sometimes when she wanted me to give her a hand for a minute and was the healer of the party and couldn't stop playing in the midst of the battle. Online gaming has some inherent gameplay faults.

So this is a hard choice for me. I am really interested in enjoing the story of the game... but I am not willing to go through a MMO-style game again. If I start the game I want to get something done and not to wait for other people that want the same thing at the exact same time and who are determined to really get it done properly.

Unfortunately I am not suited for online gaming and I if I can't see the Story solo I will have to forget about this game.