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Ivalice is in FFXIV!?

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Does the game have FFXI's horrible gameplay?

If it isn't turnbased it isn't worth playing   (mostly)

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Yeah, hate to echo all the people in this thread, but I'd only play this if it were F2P. I don't think I'd ever subscribe to an mmo again - not that there was anything wrong with WoW, they delivered a decent service for the price I paid, but I always felt kinda tied-in and it was one of the reasons I had difficulty quitting.

That reminds me, perhaps I should give DCUO a try.

Hope this relaunches well anwyay. Though, the stigma attached to the XIV name is gonna be quite high, I wonder how many people are actually gonna give it a try without a name change.

Kresnik said:
Yeah, hate to echo all the people in this thread, but I'd only play this if it were F2P. I don't think I'd ever subscribe to an mmo again

Well I am gonna buy it the physical thing or even get a limited edition cause FF games really excel at aesthetics, art and design,  so that holds some value for me

but if Im gonna have to pay after a month or two for every month or two i will think about it twice.


Many mmo games are going for free now but i dont know about square

haxxiy said:
I'm tentatively excited for this. Hope they massively improve the gameplay.
Remember though that FFXIV also had an awesome CG trailer

I would expect a Gameplay trailer in about 2 weeks at Gamescom.

Don't forget the beta will be free, and then you get a 30 day free trial on official release!

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I hope it will end up being worth the 5 bucks I spent on the game.


Here's a couple pics of our Linkshell with our relics. My character is the one on the far left.

All MMORPGs should have a free to play tier that offers a lot to play. Monthly subs should get you all the bells and whistles, access to new content F2P players cannot get. Expansions obviously a one time fee to get access to for everyone.

Many years ago I would never have payed for a MMORPG, but then Anarchy Online went free to play as a optional tier, the first 'major' western MMORPG to do it. Holy crap that offered a lot to free players, but like any MMO you want more, and you want the uber options, so I upgraded to a pay to play tier and got access to expansion packs, ended up playing that game for years as a pay subscriber.

I would never have given it a chance if not for free-to-play tier, and I still will not for a MMO without one.


The second trailer for FFXIV: A Realm Reborn was released today. It has a new voice over, and some of the same similar scenes!

I didn't know it was directed by Michael Bay.

Hey man nice job.