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... Wow. I honestly thought the game looked amazing for a sandbox game. Then again, inF1 still looks fine to me so perhaps i'm not the best judge.

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Being an open world game looks quite good

o_O.Q said:
Ajescent said:
o_O.Q said:
get a gaming pc, consoles don't seem to live up to your graphical expectations

But then he wouldn't be able to play Infamous clearly didn't think it through did you?

well my point is just that if as he says the visuals are so bad that he can't get into it maybe he should invest his time in pc games that look better

I know, I was just kidding.

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I guess you'd be disappointed to play Saints Row 3


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OP just left the building. He knows he wrote crap on that one.

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The game looks great, best looking sand box imo. However it indeed does lack AA. Not sure why this would completely make you dislike the game though.


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It looks great no exceptions


To be honest I started it up a few days ago and I sadly agree.
I couldn't even remember that the graphics were that meh-ish. Biggest problem is without a doubt the incredible amount of jaggies. Looks quite horrible on my 50".
Gameplay is good of course.

yeah it sure was missing AA/s call me wrong on this one but i could have swore it used the famous MLAA technique, and it looks better than most multi-plats as all the above people pointed out, you should play on infamous then go play on infamous 2, then maybe you will appreciate the graphics, ps not everthing is all about graphics, if you actually got into the game it has brilliant story and gameplay..

it's the future of handheld


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It lacks AA, but they added SSAO this time around, and it's a pretty good implementation too (not extremely overdone like it is in BF3).

The one bad thing that I really notice in the graphics is the half-resolution particles. You get very noticeable dark pixels around Cole with explosions going off because of the mismatched resolutions.

Other than that, it looks pretty good really.