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SinZinDetta said:
chocoloco said:

I love my 360, but nothing makes it better. It has some better features , but to say it is better overall is ludicrous.

That is why we are giving opinions. If someone has a opinion on two things and can't decide which one is better that is even more ludicrous.

Really?  I thought we were all stating facts?  Also I think the PS3 is ever so slightly better, but barely because it has more games I enjoy.

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Seece said:
sweatface7 said:

i want to know what makes yall think 360 is better than ps3.. my buddy and i always debate about this and all he says is cross chat for xbox and stuff.. i dont think that plays any part in why 360 could be better. 


so type yalls reasons why 360 is better or ps3 better than 360.

I don't anymore, I just prefer it. Why does one HAVE to be better than the other ...

they both have their pros and cons

i'll second that.

as a PS fan i likely shouldn't be in here but i was never against Xbox. its hard suggesting to a friend of mine to get a 360 when he wants a PS3, but has a problem with PSN being down cause of the hack. so he's conflicted, and i only suggested it cause he only plays fighting and sports games

no console will ever be better then the other but more and more im considering buying a 360 (slim model).

this is a silly question when you think about it. its like asking why i like smaller wemen (110-150)with curves and a friend of mine (who shouldn't because hes all skin and bones with no meat) likes big girls.

its all personal preference and i say don't hate congratulate and enjoy wht you play.

This thread makes me proud to be a gamer here.

GOTY Contestants this year: Dead Space 2, Dark Souls, Tales of Graces f. Everything else can suck it.

I have both...Everyone I know has one, I like the games, XBOX Live etc etc

PSN - Blu-Ray, PSN is free so whenever I do decided to play online I don't have to pay for 2 services LOL

It simply depends on your needs and your restrictions.

They have a strong enough library of games to warrant owning both if you're a gamer.

But things like blu-ray or LIVE can make you lean towards one more than the other.

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Because of Alan Wake!! - - - I'm not an Xbox lover, just an Alan Wake fan!!!

It has to be the LIVE experience. I am an online gamer, most games I play are online games, and XBL just makes it so much easier to connect to friends and play games together. The experience is smooth and XBLA games on the 360 are really good and easy to find, try out and play.

As for the games, all multiplats+first party integrate with LIVE extremely well and is fun to get into.


PearlJam said:
Better controller, The PS3 controller is only better for fighters. But if you're serious about fighters, you would play with an arcade stick or a Fighting pad at the minimum. Both have a terrible D-Pad, but that's the only fault I can find with the 360 controller. The PS3 controller is too small, it cramps my hands, and the L1/R1 L2/R2 buttons are a disgrace compared to the 360's trigger/shoulder button combo.

I don't care about Sony's exclusives except for the GT series and GOW, the rest I can do without. My favorite games are usually multiplats, and they're just as good on 360 and if there is a better version it's usually on 360.

I prefer the XBLA selection to the PSN selection.

Xbox Live is superior to PSN in every way. People that think they are the same, are just not very technical people. How can you not notice that it takes longer to find games on PSN? And that you run into way more laggy games far more frequently? I don't know if everyone on PSN is running around with Wi-fi instead of hard-wired, but it certainly seems that way. If you don't notice these things, you have probably never played on a smooth connection and just can't tell the difference.

I like both, but just prefer the 360. And I prefer a good PC over both.

I don't mind you stating your opinion, but what I don't appreciate, is lies.

When it comes to connectivity, PSN = XBL, when it comes to exclusive games I would even say PSN has an ADVANTAGE when it comes to connection speed.

miz1q2w3e said:
Because of Alan Wake!! - - - I'm not an Xbox lover, just an Alan Wake fan!!!

I haven't actually played that game yet, I loved Max Payne, is this similar?

Sorry, lagged out and I triple posted.