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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Super Mario 3 sucks (RANT)

This game is shit, plain and simple.

Oh, let's all get the warp whistle and warp to "big world"! Too bad big world isn't fucking fun, like the rest of this game. The entire thing is designed to anger and frustrate you. Oh, you get Kuribo's shoe on one fucking level! Wow, pardon me while I make the universal motion for a handjob. Kuribo's shoe fucking sucked. What did it do, exactly? It let you JUMP ON THINGS, something you were able to do the entire fucking game. Oh, also you looked gay.

There are some interesting power-ups in the game, such as Tanookie Mario, Hammer Mario, and Frog Mario. But guess what? You can get them on like 2 levels total, and if you fuck up and get hit ONCE, you lose them, FOREVER. Wow, that's fun! I love games that demand I play perfectly or have no fun, because I'm a fucking jap who strives for absolute perfection in gaming otherwise I kill myself.

Mario 3 may have been interesting or fun at one time, but the game is a worthless piece of shit in today's day and age. It's horribly flawed and full of punch-in-the-dick moments, much more so than it has moments that are just fun to play.

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Hmmm somebody has no talent for platformers.

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good, you got that out of your system, now lets move on (the game still rules btw;))


Seems like todays hardcorz are not hardcore enough for the casual games of the past.


It was the time when gaming was just hardcore-gaming and not these wanna-be-hardcorz-COD kids.

I loved the game and no REAL GAMER would call that milestone "a worthless piece of shit"!

Sorry dude, but you just discredited yourself with that frustation-thread.

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I take it you haven't beaten it so you are saying it is crap? The game is an excellent platformer, if you like platformers.

Someone is pissed.

Above: still the best game of the year.

Yeah, really annoying you cannot hide and auto recover. Stupid game.

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Amen brother. Mario is also too damn slippery for my liking. Then again, I was like 2 when I played the game so Idk wtf I'm talking about.


Having played a few years back (when I was 14), it's still hard, but its a fun challenge, if you like a slippery Mario.

Platformers were never really my thing. I'm more into PC point and click adventures, RTSes, and adventure games.


Also, decent rant, but not as convincing as my Sonic Adventure 2: Battle sucks thread.

I rate SMB3 even above SM World. 

This is a great game that actually requires skill and determination. Unlike most of the games today that are just plain too easy. It is difficult to find a game that is in fact challenging anymore.

As for the boot thing, well, it allows you to walk on the chomp plants without getting hurt and give you a free hit so you don't lose whatever bonus you already have. In fact, you need the boot to obtain a few of the secrets in the game.