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    < spurgeonryan posted something on pizzahut451's wall:

    Hey you should ask for your account back! Because your avatar is cool!

    < Slimebeast posted something on pizzahut451's wall:

    True, most of the Serbs and Croatians came in the 60s and 70s. After that it's been only Bosnians.

    < Slimebeast posted something on pizzahut451's wall:

    Absolutely. The toughest and most badass by far.

    < Slimebeast posted something on pizzahut451's wall:

    Congrats to you. Serbs are a powerful people. I have double feeling about ex-Yougoslavians since they honestly did a lot of damage to my country (so honestly, we never should have let them in her permanently), but they're also nationalist and overall badass, which I respect. Serbs and Croatians are the toughest white men you can find.

    < Joelcool7 posted something on pizzahut451's wall:

    In the same way Macro Evolution and Abiogenesis are science. Anyways I'd rather not get into debates on my wall, I get emails and notifications and it is just annoying. If you want to debate a subject with me then please quote me on a page and debate me on the forum.

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    L.A. Noire was once a six-disc game on Xbox 360

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2011

    RolStoppable said: pizzahut451 said: well, I speak from experience. I installed the game yesterday, and it did took me about 3 minutes to finish everything. As for loading times, its a well known fact that the game loads faster with mandatory installs. PS3 multiplats tend to have shorter loading times sometimes. And FYI, Microsoft kicked Nintendo's butt last gen with original Xbox. And...

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    being gay a choice vs born that way.

    in General Discussion on 21 May 2011

    sapphi_snake said: pizzahut451 said: sapphi_snake said: pizzahut451 said: No, you are not. You just think you are because the socitey or community you live in makes people think everyone who isnt in love with gays is homophobe and evil. As much as you find hard to believe, there are people who arent comftorbale with people who behave like homosexuals, and they dont have to be...

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    being gay a choice vs born that way.

    in General Discussion on 21 May 2011

    Mummelmann said: pizzahut451: There's a difference between "being in love with gays" and generally simply accepting them for what they are (equals). Polarizing the points does nothing to improve your point. I have never pointed out that people who hate on gays are evil either, that's simply a strawman, a damn visible one at that. Also, I'll have you know that the society I live in does not...


    Height: 0'0

    Build: Athletic

    Eye colour: Brown

    Hair colour: Brown

    Zodiac sign: Cancer

    Relationship status: Single

    Favourite Games: Uncharted 1 and 2. God of war, old Crash Bandicoot, old Spyro, Medievil on PS1, Batman AA, Red dead Redemption, God Hand, Pro evolution Soccer 6, FIFA 10, Fallout 3, inFamous, Motorstorm, bioshock, Donkey Kong, Assasin's Creed, Mario Kart,Resident evil 3 aaaand... Crash Twinsanity

    Favourite Music: I dont have favorite music, just favorite songs. I dont care about the band, singer or genre as long as the song is good.

    Favourite Films: Always changing. The films I liked 3 years ago I cant stand watching a single minute now. My favorite genres are horror, comedy, historical movies and war movies (especially the combination of the last 2)

    Favourite Books: Very few. Mostly historical ones.

    Favourite Food: ITALIAN, TURKISH and Thai.

    Hobbies: Basketball, swiming, diving, climbing, traveling...

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